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Balance & Design
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Arc can't pierce.
Arc does not move, so it can't move through things. It's an instant damage effect targeting one particular monster in the area, which then repeats targeting another until it's chain count is used up.
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CanHasPants wrote:
That's what an arc of electricity actually does, it seeks out the nearest ground ;) This should remain a feature of Arc, but it can be a bit annoying when you're trying to hit a specific mob but the spell auto targets a closer one, and carries the chains away from the intended target. Would be nice if we could exert our will over the path the arc follows, such that it hits the selected target when in range, but otherwise behaves as is when no target is selected.
If you target a specific monster, it will hit that one unless there's another one in the way - it can't go around.
No. It has no area of effect.
mr48 wrote:
Thats pretty confusing. Why would you give high damage numbers in the description but then cut them in half later?
Because it's not jsut those that get cut in half. All added damage gets cut in half, and the user needs to know that cutting in half happens, because it's an important step

mr48 wrote:
I'd like to see this changed, because its a pointless complication and only adds confusion.
It will change eventaully to damage effectiveness not applying to the base damage on the skill, only to added damage from other sources (and base damage being lower to compensate). But that can't happen until we redo stats because there's currently no difference at all between damage added from a support or gear and damage base on the gem.
Emphasy wrote:
The damage-average is 175 on FP to 150 on Arc. With 23 to 39 Mana per Cast and 6% to 4% Base-Crit.
Freezing pulse only does that damage when directly adjacent to the enemy, where arc does it from a safe distance.
squiddy286 wrote:
afaik that shield should block only projectiles
No, it blocks any damage coming from outside the shield.
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