0.9.13 Patch Notes

Dreggon wrote:
Mark_GGG wrote:
Dreggon wrote:
Mark - if I have Elemental Equilibrium, will my minions be able to apply it? Say, with explosions, or if I have a +cold damage gem?
You have Elemental Equilibrium, which affects damage you do.
Your minions do not have your passives, so do not have Elemental Equilibrium.


Another mechanics thing - does Equilibrium stack? If I have Arc with +cold damage, will the target(s) receive -50% fire resistance? And would the cold damage be applied before or after the lightning damage?

If I put Arc on a totem, would the totem spell receive Equilibrium, considering that totems aren't technically minions?

It stacks, if you attack with two-element spell it applies -50% to third. Both elements count as one attack so you can't expect that lighting damage will debuff the target for the added cold part, following your example.

Elemental damage on a totem applies elemental equlibrium normally.
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Okay now if pvp on .... I commend you for such a good job, keep it up
There is no act 3 in this patch?
No. This is the last major patch before Open Beta and Act 3, common lore has it.
Alternalo wrote:
I can't bring up my character's passive tree in my browser, every time i click on the passive it shows a default, unallocated passive tree.

I'm using Opera v12.02

Your passive tree was reset with this patch. Have you logged in and reallocated your points?
Your passive tree was reset with this patch. Have you logged in and reallocated your points?

It may also be a timing thing. Mine was showing as a completely unallocated tree earlier, but now it is working fine.
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congdiem wrote:
I want add one witch is a man, not a woman, I don't want to play shadow as one witch, please !
oh and necromancer is weak ? how to build necromancer with 60 passive skill

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Chris wrote:
Abbulicious wrote:
And what about fixing the lack of sound for creative's cards users? :(

This post here will help you out: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/51323

Big thanks Chris :)
My favorite thing about this patch is that I no longer miss around corners while watching the arrow animation go past and hit a target.


And you know I had to get the $15 supporter package... for now at least!!
When will the game [best game ever!] be free to play? because i have no money to buy it... :| i love its shadow effects and i would love to actule play the game.

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