<ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - Australia Gateway Guild

<ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - Australia Gateway Guild - Established October 2013 *

ACE is a Path of Exile guild for hardcore Oceania players (Aussies, Kiwis).

We have our own ACE website that shows current and past league achievements.

We have an active Discord server that has voice-chat and offline messaging.

We publish our own Newsletters and run our own Events.

We welcome players who seek a fun, social and organised community.

ACE has a Guild Focus: We believe in Being A.C.E.

What is 'Alpha Crucis'?

Alpha Crucis is the brightest star in the constellation Crux (a.k.a. the Southern Cross) which is a common symbol for Oceania nations. This reference forms the basis of our guild name and tag as it highlights our regional focus.

What is 'Being A.C.E.'?

ACE members believe in Being A.C.E. – a "Guild Focus" created from our tag:

  • Active
  • Competitive
  • Engaged

Being Active

  • You are an Active player in the game and within ACE. The guild wishes to maximise its investment in membership space and features with active players. Members may be inactive during offseason periods and for a requested leave of absence.

Being Competitive

  • You strive to be Competitive by improving on your past performances. You always seek to gain higher character levels, more Challenges, better Event rankings and to learn more about PoE. These aims contribute to ACE’s goal of becoming the best guild in Oceania.

Being Engaged

  • You seek to be Engaged with like-minded guild members. ACE is a social guild and members are expected to regularly appear in voice-chat (Discord) as this is the best way to communicate when partying. ACE also seeks players who want to socialise and hang-out in a General Lobby setting in voice-chat. “Being Engaged” is the most important aspect of the three.

Benefits of ACE membership

Benefits of ACE membership

  • Play with the best Hardcore guild and leading Hardcore players on the Australia Gateway.
  • Selective screening of applicants means we have a capable member base.
  • Friendly and helpful people in voice-comms and guild chat.
  • Being in a group environment to share highs and lows with.
  • Make new friends to play Path of Exile and other titles.
  • Despite our size members get to know each other due to our social focus.
  • You won’t be just another member or number in ACE if you make an effort.
  • Good trading, price checks and brodeals once you’re known.
  • Currency trading with guildies at market rates.
  • Gem acquisition, from vendors, for minimal cost or for free.
  • Guild Stash of 30 tabs with levelling items.
  • Guild Trading tab for quick and easy 1-to-1 transactions.
  • Master sharing and rotations including Zana chains.
  • Mapping with safe call outs over voice-comms.
  • Highly organised guild with everything explained on this page.
  • Planned for contingencies so ACE will always be active.
  • Keep up to date with PoE and ACE via our Newsletters.
  • Special events, prizes and Guest Speakers.
  • Yearly ACE Guild Melbourne Meetup over PAX Australia weekend.

What people have said about ACE

Chris wrote:
“I'm very impressed by the quality of that newsletter. Thanks much for sharing it!”

  • GGG Lead Developer, reacting to ACE Newsletter #33.
Completed 30 ChallengesSteelmage wrote:
“ACE has been a fantastic community to play Path of Exile with.”

  • ACE member, holder of multiple HC level 100 firsts and #1 in Medallion Racing Season.
Completed 1 ChallengeRanggarn wrote:
“Being in ACE has allowed me to reach my full exile Saiyan potential.”

Prpnnightmare wrote:
“The community fostered by ACE is exactly what I'd hoped for when I backed Path of Exile. The ultimate gaming community, and my permanent home in Wraeclast; these guys are second to none.”

Completed 12 Challenges鬼殺し wrote:
“Nothing but respect for Alpha Crucis Exiles. These guys are 100% on the level. No bullshit, no fame farming or drama whoring. Just hard-working Exiles quietly getting it done.”

  • Formerly Charan, Ruler of Wraeclast, on Steelmage reaching lvl100 first in FB2-1MHC.
“ACE is my recommended public AUS guild, very active and social.”

  • Guild leader of RIP.

ACE only supports the following game play:

  • Hardcore Challenge Leagues
  • Race Seasons
  • Events



Guild Policies

Guild Policies (Quick Reference)

  • Social: ACE is a social guild and members are expected to regularly appear in Discord/VoIP.

  • Membership: Be Active, Competitive and Engaged (use Discord) to remain in the guild.

  • Acceptable Behaviour: Don't be a dick. Be mindful of foul language.

  • Guild Culture: Help guildies, be at the Boss if asking for a kill, do not charge for helping.

  • Guild Stash: Respect Trade tab. Do not touch/remove items from Trade if they aren’t yours.

  • Identity: Account Name is your Guild ID. Use a Character Name standard for recognition.

Guild Policies (Explained)

ACE has a “Guild Focus: We believe in Being A.C.E.” philosophy at the top of this post. It is used in conjunction with the six Guild Policies outlined above and explained below.

New members should read this explain section to understand how ACE functions, our expectations of you and to see if the guild fits your ideal. This framework has been created to enhance your Path of Exile playing experience and to maximise guild member cohesion.

  • Social:

    ACE is a social guild and members are expected to regularly appear in Discord/VoIP.

    Discord is ACE’s voice-comms and messaging platform of choice – it’s usage is mandatory.

    The key part of ACE’s “Guild Focus” is “Being Engaged”. ACE wishes to be more than just a guild of names. We desire real engagement with our members to build a strong Path of Exile community. We want our members speaking with each other via our Discord server as it helps create a social guild and friendships can be created. Our members use Discord for Mapping and Race events.

    It's easy for Guild Leaders and Officers to note who actively uses Discord. If you are anti-social ACE is not the guild for you.

  • Membership:

    Be Active, Competitive and Engaged (use Discord) to remain in the guild.

    The first half of a new Hardcore Challenge League is an “On Season” active period for the Guild. Members are expected to return to be seen as “Being Active”. Anything outside of this period is the “Off Season” where the Guild has zero expectations from its members who will have likely completed their goals and drifted onto other games.

    Membership is reviewed periodically in accordance with the “Guild Focus” of “Being A.C.E”. Members who regularly log into Discord are “Being Engaged” and immune from being dropped from the Guild. Inactive members will be dropped to maximise the investment of member slots.

    “Once an ACE member, always an ACE member” – if you have been dropped you are an ex-ACE member who may reactive membership providing your account qualifies under the current New Member requirements and you plan on “Being A.C.E.” again. ACE understands that real life issues occur and will provide exemptions to members who advise Guild Leaders ahead of time reasons for their absence.

  • Acceptable Behaviour:

    Don't be a dick. Be mindful of foul language.

    ACE will not over-moderate and will ignore most behaviour - however by joining ACE we expect you to agree to the following:

    • Don't be a dick.
    • Be mindful of language – no one wants to hear you exclaim FUCK every second. Exclamations are expected, of course, when any GG item drops. :D
    • We're competitive with other guilds, not internally/individually.
    • Compete against and respect other players/guilds.
    • Religion, sexuality, politics and other sensitive topics should be taken somewhere else... we're here to have fun.

  • Guild Culture:

    Help guildies, be at the Boss if asking for a kill, do not charge for helping.

    guild (ɡɪld) noun - an organisation of persons with related interests, and goals, especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

    ACE strives for a positive guild environment for its members through our “Guild Culture”. A culture is something that is created by the behaviour of people. Noting the definition of a guild there are a couple of keywords:

    • Related Interests… our “Guild Focus” of “Being A.C.E.” ensures we have related interests.
    • Goals… our goal is to help members become better competitive players by assisting them with their in-game achievements.
    • Mutual Aid… is the cooperation between multiple parties to create a benefit to each other.

    ACE does not want a mercenary culture where members look for financial gain at every opportunity. If you wish to increase your wealth via Boss Kills/Runs, Area Runs or Trading there are roughly 50K unique players online per day you can solicit for that.

    If you are seeking assistance come into Discord and take the time to make yourself known as people are much more willing to help mates they talk to rather than someone who only ever interacts by asking for help via Guild Chat.

  • Guild Stash:

    Respect Trade tab. Do not touch/remove items from Trade if they aren’t yours.

    The ACE Guild Stash has over 30+ tabs. We wish to highlight these pertinent ones:

    Trade tab... is purely for member trading. If you see an item there and you’re not part of the trade: LEAVE IT THERE (no matter how long it has been there)!!! Make trades as immediate as possible. Trade is not a dumping ground or storage deposit. Trading via the Guild Stash is at your own risk. If in doubt use the “Party Trade” game feature. Guild Leaders will not involve themselves in trade disputes or issues.

    Lost Property tab... is where items that have been in Trade for too long are placed. During an active period Guild Staff may move items here after a 12-24 hour period. This tab may also be locked so you'll need to speak to an Officer to claim your item. Unclaimed items eventually become property of the Guild and are placed in the normal free-for-all tabs.

    RNGesus tab... is a “paper doll” for creativity and fun. It is to use excess items to create a fun place to worship the RNG gods and bring us better luck. All members are free to manipulate RNGesus however they like. Don’t take from RNGesus, it is not there for upgrades (the other tabs are for that). Occasionally this tab will become locked particularly at the end of a season or long race.

  • Identity:

    Account Name is your Guild ID. Use a Character Name standard for recognition.

    ACE uses member account names as that player’s identity (Guild ID) as it is the only consistent standard since character names change all the time. Members are then able to compare names on Discord to those in the Guild List for partying and other activities. GGG Support will change your Account Name for free if needed.

    Character Names are the ones we see in Guild Chat - instead of Account Names. We can have a lot of fun with character names, but it can be difficult for members to connect a character name to a member. ACE recommends rocking your account name somewhere in that character name. It helps members learn your name and creates a history they have with you (parties, helping out, trading etc). Our experience shows members are much more likely to respond quicker if they know instantly who you are. It is possible to Right-Click on a name in Guild Chat to see the Account Name. ACE still recommends using a character name standard as members cannot be expected to do this during gameplay or learn 100+ new character names when a new league commences.

    ACE asks that you replace the standard Discord avatar with your own to further promote your identity within the Guild. Doing so tells are you are Being Engaged with the Guild.

Guild Policies (Appendix)

  • Additional Guild Policies.

Australia Gateway players from Oceania only

We only support Oceania players from Australia and New Zealand who use the Australia Gateway so members can easily match with others in their region and play at the lowest latency possible.

Other overseas players will only be accepted if they know someone already in ACE (providing a referral on their application form) or are an experienced top ranked high calibre PoE player. Overseas players will be expected to log into the game client via the Australia Gateway and/or understand the concept of creating instances in regional areas making sure to let Australia Gateway guild members start new instances.

Banned from the Guild and Moderating

ACE has zero tolerance for any sort of cheating, botting, RMTs or any other negative gameplay banned by GGG under their ToS. These activities will result in your immediate removal from the Guild.

ACE Staff are laid back, yet reserve the right to dismiss any member, without warning.

In addition ACE will employ these moderating options when fireside voip chats aren't being heeded:

- Discord role demotions.
- Discord text/voice muting.
- PoE guild kicking and temporary bans.
- And anything else seen as reasonable to get our message across.

Discord Probation and Other Roles (New Applicants should read this)

ACE uses Discord for its VoIP (voice-chat) and its Text Channels which functions like a web forum. It allows for online and offline communication between members and ACE Staff. There are a variety of Roles that are used to place an emphasis on our top members and those who have been long-term contributing members.

Online / Guest

  • When a person initially gets invited into ACE Discord they will show up under the Online Role. They are able to access the Other set of rooms and non-PoE gaming Text Channels.
  • A Guest is a regular non-ACE member who has access to the majority of Discord minus PoE-related Text Channels.


  • New ACE members or returned ex-members (who never were never active in VoIP) are initially placed on the Probation Role. This is to remind them they need to be active in VoIP for at least a full Challenge League period.
  • In cases where it is obvious Probation members have been social in VoIP they will be bumped up to full Member status by Staff. Staff will consult Veterans to help them assess promotions. This will occur at the end of a Challenge League.
  • If a Probation member does not pass the six-month VoIP usage requirement they will remain in that Role indefinitely. If space needs to be made in the Guild, the person who has exceeded the six-month Probation period the most, will get culled. This extends the Probation period allowing for longer familiarisation with ACErs in VoIP.
  • If you were on Probation and culled it is unlikely you’ll be let into the Guild again.


  • Full members of ACE Guild.
  • All Members must have a unique Avatar in Discord to assist with identity recognition and guild cohesion. Avatar usage is now a Being A.C.E. metric, specifically Being Engaged, so not having one signifies your disinterest in the Guild, resulting in a drop of status and possible removal from ACE. Inappropriate Avatars may result in a ban.


Established members who are granted more leeway within the Guild with regards to participation. To qualify you need to:

  • Be seen by Staff as Being Engaged with regular Discord VoIP usage talking to different members.
  • Been in ACE for at least a year.
  • Submitted a Know Your Guildie.


Champions are Veterans who have distinguished themselves through their own handiwork becoming an ACE Champion by landing a #1 position in:

  • Guild Challenge League ranking (highest level alive character).
  • Most Challenges completed.
  • Guild Race Seasons points.
  • Special Guild Events.
  • Legacy supported formats.

Leader / Senior Officer

ACE Staff Members.

New Members

New member applications are currently closed.

Unless you know a member well or IRL who can vouch for you - get them to speak to ACE Staff.

Post in this thread and Staff will get back to you when we're open again. We will PM you via your Discord ID if you leave one, otherwise through this website.

How to apply for ACE membership

Thanks for your interest in wishing to join ACE!

Initially new members are placed in a Trial role. This gives you a chance to see if ACE is a good fit for you. Trial Members are not added into ACE’s Path of Exile guild. You will only have access to our Discord where you will be able to engage with ACE socially through voice chatting and text posting.

The length of the Trial is entirely up to you. It can be passed in a matter of days if you show strong social engagement. Our Members can vouch for you, if they see you participating in voice channels, which will expedite your entry. After engaging with ACE in its Discord, Trial Members will be promoted up to Probation Member and then added into ACE’s Path of Exile guild. The best time to engage with ACE is during the first half of a new Challenge League. Our voice channels become depopulated during the last half of a League.

Since ACE's inception in 2013 we have asked all new members to fill out a form. Please do not be intimidated by this process. It’s merely in place so Staff can quickly appraise your suitability and whether you are across our main guild policies.

Checklist to assess your suitability:

  • You have read this ACE Guild Information page.
  • You have the Undying achievement - reached level 70 in a Hardcore League.
  • Your Path of Exile profile is completely visible - including your Characters tab.
  • You play Path of Exile from Australia or New Zealand.
  • You know you're joining a social guild and will appear in voice-comms.
  • You are 18 years of age or older.

Proceed to the ACE Membership Application Form:

  • ACE Membership Application Form

Guild Staff & Contacts


You cannot apply to ACE via PM. Refer to "New Members" above.


IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
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Guild Appendix

Guild F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

No 'Standard Challenge League or Hardcore and Standard Leagues' support?

ACE is unable to support players in the Standard Challenge League or Hardcore and Standard Leagues due to:

  • The limited functionality of the new Guild features in Path of Exile.
  • Guild Chat is across leagues and experience has shown this is an issue.
  • ACE wishes to focus on its primary interest - Hardcore Path of Exile content.

How do I donate to the Guild?

ACE does not accept donations as Guild Leaders have chosen to fund it themselves.

Long-term members may be offered the opportunity to donate in the future.

Do you Map?

Of course ACE members bloody Map! It’s impossible to push to top ranks otherwise.

ACE always has people mapping – especially at peak periods. At the start of a new Challenge League we’ll have multiple groups pushing towards top ranks. There will also be other groups at various stages of levelling so there will always be someone to party with.

Near the end of the Challenge Leagues there will be some variation to the above. During the Offseason we’ll have people in the Permanent Leagues experimenting with builds in Maps and running Unique Maps.

ACE has tried a variety of approaches to Maps by appointing dedicated Officers, running Map days and drafting a Guild Map document. ACE has found Mapping is an organic process where level compatible groups will naturally party, sharing Maps and resources to roll Maps to push to higher levels. ACE members will group on our Discord server and also use the Guild Chat facility to advertise their intention to run Maps.

Guild Details

About Us

ACE is comprised of a wide variety of people aged from 16 to 40+ united by our love for Path of Exile. Our focus is on the hardcore variant of the game and the majority of our player base comes from Oceania - Australia and New Zealand.


Days before Path of Exile 1.0.0 was released (24 October 2013) deefa contacted Kaysee discussing the idea of both becoming co-leaders/founders of a hardcore Oceania guild. They both had met randomly in Race Season 1 (February 2013) spamming Global 1 wondering if there were any Aussies wanting to party. Both wanted to realise the potential of the PoE Australia Gateway that had been created months earlier.

deefa had a guild name he liked, Alpha Crucis Exiles [ACE] or [Acrux], with two secondary names, Back of Beyond [BoB] and Southern Cross Exiles [SCE]. After a brief discussion with Kaysee the first name was chosen as the Alpha Crucis term referred to the Southern Cross indirectly, it had the word Exile and the eye-catching abbreviated tag of ACE.

ACE’s initial members included a few local and overseas friends who had been made over the course of Open Beta. Initially ACE played with the idea of accepting players who were in the 4 Month Standard League but this was unfeasible for many reasons. deefa and Kaysee decided to focus the guild on how they played PoE namely the new temporary 4 Month Hardcore Leagues and Race Seasons. A Mumble server based in Sydney was made available to members.

After a week of operation ACE had 50 members. The Guild Leaders recognised the need for greater organisation, restructured the Guild Information page and created a New Member application form process. Kaysee created the Guild Focus of being Active, Competitive and Engaged which has remained an important cornerstone for ACE Guild. By years end ACE had a thriving Australia Gateway community, had published two newsletters to their members and capped it with another Kaysee initiative our first Guest Speaker event on Mumble with ZiggyD.

At the time of writing (August 2014) the fourth hardcore challenge league was about to commence with ACE successfully realising its Guild Focus by being a very Active guild, a Competitive guild that had achieved top rankings and an Engaged guild with 80 VoIP-capable members primarily from Australia and New Zealand with a handful from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA and Europe.


This timeline aims to list ACE Guild firsts - it does not document repetitions.


[23/01/13] - Path of Exile v0.10.0 is released and the Open Beta period commences.

[05/06/13] - Grinding Gear Games announce a Path of Exile Australia Gateway.

[24/10/13] - Path of Exile v1.0.0 is released with a Guild feature.

[24/10/13] - Alpha Crucis Exiles is created as Path of Exile Guild #913 by deefa and Kaysee.

[24/10/13] - Nemesis/Domination 4 Month Challenge Leagues commence.

[29/10/13] - PileOPhish becomes the first Officer.

[02/11/13] - 50 members in ACE after the first week. Guild Leaders recognise the need for greater organisation if the guild is to be viable in the long-term.

[25/11/13] - ACE creates a new member form application process and re-writes their entire Guild Information page going into detail about the guild with Kaysee using the ACE tag to create the Guild Focus of being Active, Competitive and Engaged.

[25/11/13] - ACE publishes its first Newsletter #1.

[12/12/13] - Ministry becomes an Officer and the first Racing Leader.

[12/12/13] - PileOPhish becomes the first Mapping Leader.

[12/12/13] - First Know Your Guildie segment in Newsletter #2 (idea by Kaysee).

[13/12/13] - Multiplay Mumble server issues (December 2013) due to DDoS / NTP reflection attacks.

[20/12/13] - First Guest Speaker Event with ZiggyD hosted by Kaysee.

[17/01/14] - 70 members in ACE.

[21/01/14] - XaHyPuK becomes an Officer.

[26/01/14] - ACE Library is created: an online space for members to share knowledge, build guides, game information, trading advice, item crafting, past newsletters and anything else members might use.

[26/01/14] - First ACE RNGesus Guild Stash tab is created in Nemesis to bring good luck to the Guild.

[05/02/14] - First ACE competition "Closest To The Pin" commences.

[05/02/14] - Guests are now allowed on the ACE Mumble server.

[12/02/14] - 60 members in ACE after 15 inactive members were culled from the Guild.

[28/02/14] - The first ACE logo concept by the Guild Leaders is designed by ReaVer__.

[28/02/14] - First ACE PvP #1 Rumble (HC LLD) is held.

[05/03/14] - Moved to Typefrag Mumble.

[06/03/14] - Invasion/Ambush 4 Month Challenge Leagues commence.

[17/03/14] - Newsletter #10 is published.

[17/03/14] - Guild Culture policy released to ACE members.

[17/03/14] - "Trade" tab created for Guild Stash.

[01/05/14] - Freney and atrocities promoted to Officer.

[06/05/14] - Steelmage becomes the first guild member to kill Queen Atziri.

[06/05/14] - ACE YouTube Channel created.

[11/07/14] - ACE Invasion Champion wins the first Path of Exile 200 Point Pack prize.

[20/07/14] - 80 members in ACE.

[06/08/14] - Steelmage becomes the first Guild member to ding lvl 100 in Race Season 8 One Month Hardcore Race.

[10/08/14] - Alpha Crucis Exiles and Oceanic Exiles become Australia Gateway Partner Guilds.

[21/08/14] - Beyond/Rampage 3 Month Challenge Leagues commence.

[03/09/14] - First Abaxoth, The End of All That Is kill in the Guild for Beyond League: Kill these foes from Beyond by Ranggarn and Steelmage.

[22/09/14] - Ranggarn first in game to complete all 8 Beyond/Rampage Challenges.

[08/10/14] - Yovu reached level 100 with his Righteous Fire Marauder in Beyond.

[17/10/14] - Ranggarn, Steelmage and deefa are in the top 48 of 50 for 8/8 Beyond/Rampage Challenges (sorta confirmed by Chris).

[24/10/14] - ACE turns One today. ACE has 85 current members, 38 past members, 144 total applicants, run 9 Guild Events, published 19 Newsletters with 18 Know Your Guildies, has hosted two Guest Speakers events, two members have reached level 100 and three members gotten 8/8.

[31/10/14] - Newsletter #20 is published.

[01/11/14] - GGG / ACE Meetup in Melbourne during PAX Australia weekend. ACE members present: Aeroaxe, atrocities, badword, CharanJaydemyr, deefa, klintz, Ministry, ReaVer__, Sharmo, Sneaka, stevenc1988/mofo and Steelmage. This represened a quarter of all the people who turned up.

[13/12/14] - Bloodlines/Torment 3 Month Challenge Leagues commence.

[19/12/14] - Guest Speaker Event #3: GreenDude (renowned PvP expert, streamer and item crafting).

[10/01/15] - Kaysee’s Unique (Maloney’s Nightfall) revealed.

[25/01/15] - Ranggarn gets all 8 Challenges in Bloodlines/Torment.

[11/03/15] - News that AU gateway has switched to Softlayer's DC in Melbourne.

[24/03/15] - Bloodlines/Torment Challenge Leagues end.

[03/04/15] - Newsletter #30 is published.

[21/04/15] - The Awakening Closed Beta goes live. Klintz is the only ACE member with Alpha access who gets in immediately.

[01/05/15] - Keyesus by this point has finally blessed some ACE members with Steelmage and GuyThatDies receiving a key for The Awakening Closed Beta.

[07/05/15] - Good Guy Chris Wilson gives ACE three free Closed Beta keys after Kaysee sends him ACE Newsletter #33: “I'm very impressed by the quality of that newsletter. Thanks much for sharing it!” - Chris.

[07/06/15] - 95 members in ACE.

[15/06/15] - ACE Guild Information thread passes 20,000 views.

[11/07/15] - Path of Exile 2.0.0 The Awakening goes live.

[11/07/15] - Tempest/Warbands Challenge Leagues Commence.

[31/07/15] - Newsletter #40 is published.

[02/10/15] - Tempest/Warbands Challenge Leagues end.

[02/10/15] - Ranggarn gets all 8 Challenges first in Tempest/Warbands.

[21/10/15] - 111 members in ACE.
Guild Events

Alpha Crucis Exiles run their own Guild events such as:

Current & Past Events

  • 25 Mar 2014 - The ACE One Week Facetanking Melee Only Race ran at the start of the One Month Torment/Bloodlines HC event. Congratulations to Freney, mofo and Ministry for placing in the race. Event details are here.
  • 19 Dec 2014 - Guest Speaker #3 - GreenDude, renown PvP expert, streamer and item crafter, was interviewed on our ACE Mumble server for over an hour. A recording is available here.
  • 4 Nov 2014 - ACE Pet Racing #2 - The ACE Cup was held on Melbourne Cup day in deefa's Hideout where over two exalts of currency were given away.
  • 1 Nov 2014 - A GGG/ACE Melbourne Meetup occurred as five GGG members were in Melbourne for PAX and doing a fan meetup with twelve local ACE members attending. Turned out to be a great night where we consumed beer with GGG devs and Charan had his Plummeting Ursa statue given to him.
  • 5 Oct 2014 - Pet Racing #1 was held in deefa’s hideout sponsored by Dalykas’ currency as he was quitting Beyond League. A hastily constructed race track of variable length was made in Haku’s Coastal Hideout. There were seven races with prizes ranging from 15 chaos to over 3 exalts. 13 members rowdily shouted at their pets in Mumble with the clear winner of the night being Pathological’s Blue Frog who won the very first and last race netting him 3ex 25c. Steelmage (Giant Weta), rehab4quitters (Baby Weta), daleroy (Regal Rhoa), Dalykas (Exalted Rhoa) and XaHyPuK (Greg)(Green Frog) also won currency. View the very first race here.
  • 12 Sep 2014 - Beyond Cribs Competition was announced in Newsletter #16. The best designed ACE member Hideout will win a Path of Exile 200 Point Pack. Entries closed Sunday 26 October 2014.
  • 15 Aug 2014 - PvP #2 was held for five days where Members were encouraged to PvP in any form for five days inbetween theorycrafting for the new leagues.
  • 6 Jun 2014 - Winter Is Coming competition for a Path of Exile 200 Point Pack chosen randomly from members who may earn multiple entries into the ballot by participating in i) Race Season 8, ii) entering the Build of the Guild contest and/or iii) entering Path of Exile Arena Season 1. This competition was won by MrShyPanda - prize awarded 1/08/14.
  • 6 Jun 2014 - Race Season 8 competition where the member with the most Reward Points will receive the “ACE Race Season 8 Champion” title. Whoever has the most points at any given moment during the race season may claim the "ACE Racing Yellow Jersey” title (this name may change) with the above winner keeping it at the end of Season 8 until they are displaced in Race Season 9. This competition was won by Steelmage 1/08/14.
  • 6 Jun 2014 - Build of the Guild contest where member can submit build guides (end game progression, low level PvP, 1 hour solo race, a unique build, a build for fun or just for GRIEF) with alternate art prizes in Invasion. This competition was won by Steelmage.
  • 5 Mar 2014 - ACE Invasion Champion - The first member to reach level 100 in Invasion or the highest levelled member who survives the end of the league will be awarded the title of 'ACE Invasion Champion' (to go into their signature) and a Path of Exile 200 Point Pack. This competition was won by Steelmage with his SteelIncinerate Level 94 Templar character - prizes awarded 11/07/14.
  • 28 Feb 2014 - PvP #1 Rumble - An offseason internal low-level PvP competition that was casually resolved by division play (everyone plays each other once) followed by a playoff system. Winner was awarded the title of 'ACE PvP #1 Rumble Champion (March 2014)' (to go into their signature). This Rumble was concluded 22 April 2014 with Freney winning and deefa the runner-up.
  • 22 Feb 2014 - Guest Speaker #2 - CharanJaydemyr was interviewed on our ACE Mumble server for over an hour and then stayed for a further two hours answering questions by members. A recording is available here.
  • 5 Feb 2014 - Closest To The Pin - Guess what the new 3 Month League mods are going to be in Invasion and Ambush. Winners were awarded their prizes 5 Mar 2014:- Invasion - 1. xtasea (Le Heup), 2. klintz (1 Exalt); Ambush- 1. ibenchmymouse (1H DPS Sword), 2. atrocities (10 Chaos).
  • 26 Dec 2013 - Domination Weekend - mid-way through the four month season we declared a weekend event where everyone could roll in Domination and help each other get the “Touch These Shrines” Challenge.
  • 20 Dec 2013 - Guest Speaker #1 - ZiggyD was interviewed on our ACE Mumble server for over an hour answering questions by members moderated by Kaysee. A recording is available here. ZiggyD also posted the interview: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Future Events

Special Events

  • Guild in-game screen shots.
  • Guild best dressed competition (with prizes).
  • Get to know your guildie… Q&A posts on our reddit page.
  • 1 shot 1 kill… named monster challenge.
  • Guild races and prizes.
  • Naked run races… level as high as possible without gear and skills… prizes.


  • Strategy and training sessions.
  • Mock races: 12m, 45m and 60m.
  • Season ladder guild best performer award.
  • Season ladder guild most improved award.
  • Single race MVP, MVP Runner Up and MVP 3rd awards.


  • Strategy and training sessions.
  • Guild duelling ladder (intra guild duelling).

Potentially (when supported by GGG) a guild focused MT League with our own League modifiers.

Guild Newsletters

The ACE Newsletter has been published around once a fortnight since November 2013**. It outlines recent guild news, events, updates and a Know Your Guildie feature on a member. The newsletter is one of the cornerstones of the guild that keeps us connected as a community of Path of Exile players. ACE is up to Newsletter #63 (2 June 2016).


Guild Achievements

ACE collates seasonal PoE data that is applicable to its members and presents it in our ACE Newsletters as a wrap-up.

These "ACE Guild Achievements" are viewable in the links below in a very raw form:



The contents of this thread are Copyright © 2013-2018 Alpha Crucis Exiles, All rights reserved.

ACE logo concept by deefa and Kaysee, designed by ReaVer__, feedback from Miinistry. ACE logo refers to the white outlined letters 'A', 'C', 'E' and the 'Alpha Crucis Exiles' text beneath it - not to any of the associated artwork that may be used with it.

ACE has permission to use GGG artwork in this page and on printed materials, such as t-shirts, provided no financial gain (profit) is obtained, from Samantha at GGG 4 March 2014 via email.

ACE thanks the following people

  • ignarsoll - For providing statistics such as Challenge rankings.
  • PileOPhish - For being an ACE Officer, his knowledge sharing, Guild Stash management and rules creation, Maps assistance, non-stop talking and lulz.
  • XaHyPuK - For being an ACE Officer and knowledge sharing.


4.00 - Current

(BBcode Template - Ignore)

<strong>4.</strong> - 01/03/16<br>

4.03 - 01/09/16

  • Atlas of Worlds theme: Changed header and footer image. Changed text colour of main items.
  • Revised "Banned from the Guild" statement allowing Staff to remove a member.

4.02 - 31/05/16

  • Prophecy theme: Changed header image and changed text colour of main items to purple (from #DB9F00 to #a74fff).
  • Updated ACE<->OE Transfers dropping reference to the ACE Guest Form.
  • Removed Guild Miscellaneous spoiler from Guild Appendix.
  • Updated Guild Newsletter section.
  • Removed mention of Oceanic Exiles' Ventrilo and replaced with Discord.
  • Changed wording "interview" to "orientation" on this thread and New Member App Form.

4.01 - 15/05/16

  • Put everything under "Guild Staff & Contacts" into a spoiler, added red warning stating new members must use form to apply to guild and to not contact staff for immediate entry.

4.00 - 01/03/16

  • New Guild Policies up. Created six main policies explained in a sentence. Short explanations of each in a spoiler. Removed old Guild Policies (The Fine Print) and An Exiles Guide to ACE.
  • Bumped to version 4.00 of this ACE Guild Information page due to major Guild Policies re-work and new Ascendency expansion coming in a few days.

3.09 - 3.20

3.20 - 18/02/16

  • Added "Benefits of being in ACE" and "What people have said about ACE" as a single spoiler in the intro section.

3.19 - 19/01/16

  • Removed all references to Mumble and replaced it with Discord. Changes affect the Guild Information page, the New Member Application form and the Guest Application form.

3.18 - 4/12/15

  • "Guild Policies (The Fine Print)" > "Guests using the ACE Mumble server" moved to "Guild Miscellaneous" as ACE is using Discord.
  • "An Exile’s Guide to ACE" > "Mumble, its Sidebar and You" moved to Appendix > "Guild Miscellaneous" as ACE is using Discord.
  • "An Exile’s Guide to ACE" > Account name information from "Mumble, its Sidebar and You" merged into "Character names and the ACE event tag" now "Account names, Character names and the ACE event tag".
  • "Guild Staff & Contacts" > Officers put into a spoiler to remove clutter.
  • Appendix > "Guild Resource Suggestions" renamed to "Guild Miscellaneous".
  • Archived this very Changelog 0.01-3.08 to ACE Admin folder as post character limit was hit.

3.17 - 28/11/15

  • Updated Guild Staff listing with Miinistry now bumped up to Senior Officer. Added rehab4quitters and Steelmage as new Officers.

3.16 - 26/11/15

  • Reduced Mumble seats from 50 to 30 in Resources.
  • Placed Discord server above Mumble server in Resources.
  • Updated ACE Newsletter information in the Appendix up to #51.

3.15 - 21/11/15

  • Under New Members then "Please be aware of these points" clarified all profile tabs including the character tab must be visible.
  • Under Resources increased guild member cap from 130 to 150.

3.15 - 29/10/15

  • Under Resources added information about the Discord server.

3.14 - 21/10/15

  • Added "1MHC events" to supported game play.
  • Bumped members to 110+ under Resources.
  • Moved "Resources to enhance your gaming experience" from An Exile's Guide to ACE to the Appendix. Renamed section "Guild Resource Suggestions".
  • Added new "On Season and Off Season" section under Guild Policies.
  • Edited "Staying in the Guild by Being A.C.E.", the second paragraph, to make things clearer and less harsh. Removed section about sending an email to dropped members. Last paragraph removed PvP reference.
  • Cleaned up "Please be aware of these points" section in New Members. Put bolded words first, changed order of items, edited and removed line about GLs reviewing applications once they were received. Added "Guild Focus: We believe in Being A.C.E." to the list.
  • Updated Timeline.
  • Updated Guild Newsletters.
  • Added link to "Event and Title Winners" under ACE Guild Achievements.
  • Added "ACE thanks the following people" under Credits.

3.13 - 28/08/15

  • Added new Officer details under Guild Staff & Contacts for Adolan, daleroy, Ranggarn, Smaced and WarGoat87.
  • Added "Your profile 'Characters tab' must be visible" under "New Members" due to GGG globally turning this off on all profiles.

3.12 - 26/07/15

  • Path of Exile Item Info Script not updated for 2.0.0 so made a comment not to bother installing under Exiles Guide to ACE.
  • Cropped header logo as it was too tall.
  • Dropped full stop after "ACE Membership Application Form" link.

3.11 - 19/07/15

  • Under 'Resources' increased Mumble seats from 30 to 50 and cleaned up section.

3.10 - 10/07/15

  • Updated sample Newsletters.

3.09 - 1/07/15

  • Edited down opening two sentences - again.
  • Updated supported play for 'Tempest' Hardcore Challenge League.
  • Changed header image.
  • Added 2.0.0 live date and CL names to Timeline.


* - Path of Exile 1.0.0 with the Guild feature was released on 23 October 2013 10am Pacific Time - this was 24 October 2013 4am AEST. ACE's visible "established" date is in line with the global release date.

** - The ACE Newsletter has been published around once a fortnight since the 25th of November 2013. Roughly 25 issues go out a year. Newsletter #1 - #51 (from and including: Monday, 25 November 2013 - to and including Monday, 30 November 2015) = 736 days / 51 newsletters = 14.43 days per newsletter.

Current & Past Events and Timeline up-to-date to 7 June 2015 and Newsletter #35.

Guild Achievements up-to-date to 21 June 2015 and Newsletter #37.

Link to PoE Guild Directory edited post for ACE listing updates.

Previous ACE images

IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
Last edited by deefa on Feb 16, 2018, 9:32:31 AM
im up to join, currently re-rolling on nemesis after kole 1 shot me...

I'll join if you're okay with someone who sucks at the game joining. My IGN is NyaStar.
I'll join if you're okay with someone who sucks at the game joining. My IGN is NyaStar.

We were all new players at some point. You're welcome to join. I've been discussing with Kaysee some way we can assist new people to PoE. Perhaps some guild training days on the weekend.
IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
Ill be keen to join played heaps of alpha not much beta so still a total noob :)
mainly playing in sc now, how many active members are there?
ign: NeverPeace
Im looking for an Aus based guild, though im not much of a hardcore league player, do you have many members who are playing in the standard league?
Completed 18 ChallengesJamsolo wrote:
Ill be keen to join played heaps of alpha not much beta so still a total noob :)

I will message you in-game otherwise you are welcome to try messaging: deefa -or- Kaysee

paranoidx wrote:
mainly playing in sc now, how many active members are there?

26 and growing!

Completed 8 ChallengesFiendX85 wrote:
Im looking for an Aus based guild, though im not much of a hardcore league player, do you have many members who are playing in the standard league?

Currently due to the limited functionality of the new Guilds function in Path of Exile we are unable to support casual players who only wish to play Standard. This is because Guild chat cannot be suppressed and we also have to pay for extra member slots above 30.
IGN: deefa • Guild: <ACE> Alpha Crucis Exiles - poeurl.com/wpA • Discord: deefa#3298
I would like to join as I am trying to complete the challenges :)

(and looking to devote myself now that it has reached release)

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