Animate Guardian

Hello GGG team. Please review Animate Guardian and update it into viability. It is one of the most entertaining and unique skills in the game, but he can no longer keep up (if he ever could, i don't know).

As the game has become much, much faster (to my dismay), skills that revolve around interesting mechanics and strategic combat have become less relevant. Animate Guardian is at the top of that list.

-He is too slow and dumb to provide any benefit to you. Maybe when characters were slower and damage was lower, he was able to engage enemies or at least be near you to grant buffs to "nearby allies". But not anymore.

-Gear should be deleted upon Guardian death, not animation. It would be nice to be able to tweak his gear around depending on map mods etc. If he dies due to you mismanaging him you still lose the gear. Why is this not the case? Seriously?

-Triggering skills don't work. Ok, I'm sure I have overlooked a combination of items that would make Guardian triggering completely broken. But my feedback is to fix the break. Don't just ban him from using all trigger skills. This would be SO much fun.

P.S. In my opinion Animate Guardian is near the heart of classic design of PoE. He allows for such interesting and unusual possibilities. I believe his growing irrelevance is evidence that PoE has drifted far from what made it special. Every patch takes it closer to Gauntlet Legends. Sure, there's a massive web of mechanics under the hood. But who cares if every skill destroys content once you get 1 of 10 currently overpowered items? Power creep just seems generally out of hand.
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Should Animate Guardian be updated to increase damage with ailments as well?
Just for clarification, the spirit doesn't give Avian's buff to teammates through Saqawal's Nest right?

As in, if the caster is casting the aura, and the spirit wears the armor, the buff doesn't get applied right?
GGG or someone?

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