1.0.0 Release Patch Notes

Nice to hear chris! The dream will be true =)).. I have been here sense November 2010 and have been very fun to follow path of exile on the road..

Will be very fun to come back after 1 half year break.

I have 685 points to buy new cool stuff for.. The stash tabs have already!
I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
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Good thing legacy items don't carry over to the new leagues.
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Nice patch notes, that silence curse if going to fuck up some derpy HC players
a bit disappointed that you blocked death by BM/reservations...that was funny.

Do you even /oos

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Hornet85 wrote:
Completed 2 ChallengesGaltrovan wrote:
Hornet85 wrote:
Wait, aura cost is increased, but Purity effect is decreased?

That's what it says.

I was under the impression that all Aura will be buffed due to the increase cost, which is why that struck me as odd as it was nerfed instead.

Could just be a typo as a result of 20+ hours spent writing those notes when he's already sleep-deprived from trying to get everything else ready?
Lol Chriss don't waste your time :-D, some people must experience before the butthurt ends.

Very nice patch sir, great improvements to the overall balance/game.

Im looking forward to a marathon of 1.0.0

GG(g) on.
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awesome !

kinda scary nerfs going on in this patch it seems . i hope they are not so bad as they seem.

60% mana reserv for auras ?? come on wtf

Silva wrote:
lv86-lv94 players will still be forced to level in lv70+ maps.

This isn't true as the formula for leveling has been changed, it is now possible to reach level 100 in non-map areas.

This means i can level to 100 in my stockpile of 68 maps too ?
RIP Auras :(

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