0.9.12x Patch Notes and PvP Arena rules

We deployed the 0.9.12x patch today. Its patch notes are here.

Here's an a small part of the 0.9.13 patch notes. These rules may change before next week!

Player vs. Player Arenas:
  • We've added support for PvP arenas.
  • Initially there's support for both 1 vs. 1 and 3 vs. 3 matches.
  • You can either play Level 28 Capped PvP in Normal difficulty or Open PvP in Merciless difficulty (with resistance penalties).
  • Level 28 Capped PvP requires that you haven't entered Cruel difficulty and are not higher than level 28.
  • To enter PvP, talk to Greust and click "Join PvP". If you're in a party, then your whole party will be placed in a queue. If any member of your party cancels then the whole party is removed from the queue.
  • Once there are enough players to form teams of the right sizes, you'll be transported to a random arena. 3v3 arenas are generally larger.
  • During the match, up to nine rounds are played. The first team to win five rounds will be declared the match winner.
  • At the end of 60 seconds, a round is declared a draw. Because of the best-of-nine effect, every two draws will reduce the number of wins a team needs by one.
  • Teams are coloured Red and Blue and are given a coloured aura effect.
  • There are dead corpses in the arenas that can be raised as minions.
  • Traps, mines, totems, auras, buffs and minions are destroyed between rounds.
  • Like any other spell, casting your auras is part of the PvP fight and can't be done beforehand.
  • Hardcore deaths in PvP arenas are currently not permanent. We'll be adding permadeath hardcore PvP options soon.
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First, I am so excited for Arenas! :)
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permadeath hc pvp :D

can't wait to see this.
the only thing i dont like is the 60 seconds thing... but we will see how it goes
I didn't see it yet but I HOPE your team color is always blue and the enemy always red, like in any respectable game.

I've seen things like "Stop helping the enemy" and "Oh, now I'm red??? F**k this game!!"

Any plans for random TVT events during the day??? That is really fun!

Another thing, If you are over Lv.28 but yet in Normal or Cruel, can you enter any other arena? It's like, if you are in Cruel there's no arena for you, haha.

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Is there any word on when additional mouse support will be patched in?
The format for the pvp arenas is looking very nice. :D
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Completed 36 Challengesjujuman wrote:
First, I am so excited for Arenas! :)

You should be :D they are awesome fun
Duels coming! curious about next patch notes: PvP Rankings or something similar?? GGG take your time for design it, no rush needed.

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Can people change their equipment between rounds? Would it be limited to inventory items only for switching?

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