1.0.0 Balance Changes

Stoked to see how my mace is going to increase in damage..

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One of the few times in my gaming career I've read the up-and-coming patch notes and have been absolutely content with every single thing I read! GGG, you has never seized to amaze me.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work. (especially your support team - they are so fast and pleasant to deal with.)

I can't wait for release!
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This is fantastic. I am excite.
Thread killer.
Some awesome changes here!

But is it really going to be 25% easier to get a 5L???????
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This is awesome!
I encourage all my friends to play PoE again, so much good chagnes and new leagues.
I think deleting all MF from game is best solution, only keep mf bonus to groups and maps.
And i very glad to see the 2h weapons improved, i love build character with 2h sword, but before it will mostly lose to the same one with 1h sword+shield, i hope this change will resolve this problem.

Good job GGG!

Also i hope you will open PoE to all regions on steam. )
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My build runs 6 auras, and I'm not a support type either, I'm dps.
So, hopefully I wont have to waste too many points in these "aura reservation" nodes..
Sounds cool though!
Overall Nice!!!

but some points are meh
-some auras are bad because their bonus sucks allot compared to their cost (vitality, haste, determination) and Yay they get buff! but wth you are also increasing their mana????

-Yay for the MF nerf on leagues... but still could have remove IQ totally

-Boohoo for quest reward... still believe that an Imbue quest would be much more benefic since... an archer marauder dont give a FUCK about mauls

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Is it just the % auras, or the flat ones too?

because if the flat auras are increased in mana cost too, thats a pretty big blow to the blood magic keystone :/
So Hype, thank you GGG, can't wait for release
So glad spell staves will finally be worthwhile outside of the unique ones. It was kinda sad that a "god-mode" stave with perfect spell damage rolls was on par with a mediocre wand/dagger and spirit shield.
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