1.0.0 Balance Changes

I've been using 2H weapons and haven't found the lack of defense too detrimental. A buff to their damage? Sure, why not. I currently only run 2 auras but could go for more, will see how the passive tree plays out.

Kind of excited. :)
So trading will still be very tideous.
However nice changes overall.
A while ago they killed my RF hp based marauder(cant regenerate health)
Now they have killed my dual spark RF witch :(

waiting for killing Discharge and EA builds
I'm always so happy to read your patch notes guys =)
Quest rewards for Cruel difficulty onwards have been improved so that you receive more rare items as rewards.

This is hardly improvement. Sorry but getting a junk rare over a, say respec point or a gem that might be worth at least 1 alch (that can yield an rare item out of an linked white item that you actually need). Offering player a rare item late into game does nothing. You just vendor it. Giving a gem would be better. If you insist on people getting rares as a reward, at least make some manual rares that don't suck and have their sockets linked or at least have them have max number of sockets. Otherwise, it is better idea to give player Orb of Alchemy so he can pick up those 4L boots from the ground and use his orb on them.

just my opinion.


PS. I actually got pretty irritated when I got offered a rare item instead of eing offered faster attack gem, conc effect gem, mana leech gem and whatever was given in Act3 merci hub. I get over 200 rare items per play sesion and all of them are crap. The chance those 3-4 items in reward box wont be crap is 0.00001%.
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