1.0.0 Balance Changes

inb4 "aura nerf" moaning
One question about the removal of some IIQ mechanics:

Did you change the Map Mod/Map Quality -> Map IIQ mechanics at all?
Clarity/Disc/Hatred already require over 500 mana to run on my level 50 with reduced mana linked on clarity/disc.

Will I have to start stacking mana to be able to run these and still be able to cast a single 4L power siphon?
Psyborg wrote:
One question about the removal of some IIQ mechanics:

Did you change the Map Mod/Map Quality -> Map IIQ mechanics at all?

It's being considered, but there's nothing to say about that just yet.

Completed 14 ChallengesBearCares wrote:
So if I have a 6-L white 2hander today, will it benefit from the buffs when the patch comes out?

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You know I have been waiting for boss runs since Merv was added to the game. This is huge. Thank you Chris and the rest of the team!

Question about auras. I am glad you are taking them the way you are, but will the range of auras be a bit larger as well?
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JeanKB wrote:
inb4 "aura nerf" moaning

Haha I wasn't expecting this aura change but I totally agree and understand the reasons behind it. I can run 5 auras in my 81 EK Witch with EB (all defensive) and maybe this will make things harder for her.

Really liking these balance changes, specially with the bosses. Nice job!
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Mixed feelings on this. It seems you are making it slightly easier for solo-self found players without actually making a league like that no matter how much its asked for. I like this. I like this a lot. Then again, I worry that with these new changes its going to make gaining gear quickly for the hardcore will make them bored and stop playing. For me personally its great. But I haven't been as loyal to the game in the last 6-8 months as I used to be while waiting for the game go grow/change while the hardcore are the ones who are still giving GGG money to make the game grow.

I hope these changes are the exact balance players like myself and the hardcore can both enjoy.
Awesome! Love the rarity changes and the increased boss drops.

Can't wait for full notes. I think im mostly excited for the new maps, having ran every single map multiple times gets boring.
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I love you all, GGG! Keep up the awesome work!
NICE !!! Keep up the good work.

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