Spectral throw

What dps is achievable with a 5l spectral throw and a good endgame 2hander?

I play crit dagger ST and it feels like I have to reduce my dps output soon or get a lot tankier because it starts to get kinda dangerous vs reflect.
I don´t have any quality gems yet (will give another nice dmg boost) and an average crit dagger --> Im getting 5,7k dps with power charges up (+ hatred and wrath).

With a godlike dagger and maybe even a 6link I think 12k+ dps should be possible.
I had 26k dps with dagger (tooltip) and reflect is not a problem. With 8k armor, 3x power charges on damage taken and 10% LL from blood rage reflect doesn't hurt.
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Search fails me hard: Multistrike doesn't work for Spectral throw as I've tried, but since Spectral throw isn't a spell Spellecho wont work with it either. So is Spectral throw shafted for a neat multicast ability?
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ST is a projectile attack: it's "multicast" ability is LMP/GMP ^^
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But melee gets melee splash and multistrike, whereas spells get lmp/gmp and spellecho. ST gets the shaft, hard.
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Melee Splash only applies to Skills that inherently only hit one enemy - ST naturally can hit a fair bunch of monsters in a single Attack. Not comparable at all.

ST 'gets the shaft' just as much as every other Projectile Attack. *shrug*
I wouldn't be surprised if GGG makes the same mistake a third time and add a Multistrike-for-Projectiles Support. Just give them time.
Oh look, yet another GGG-posted-in thread that was bumped at exactly the 1 year mark after it's last post so that people wouldn't catch on what was just done.
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if "increased physical damage while holding a shield" does not apply because reasons, therefore ruining the briliant jewel i've created so costly.... i will be so mad might even rage quit.

just a pro tip, if thats the case, better fix it by removing the "melee" out of the wording "increased melee physical while holding a shield" becomes "increased physical damage while holding a shield" there, MUCH better, voilá, no more crazy shady mechanics ruining ppls's plans. to not say any cursewords which i rly wanted to
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Grow up.
You just necro'd a thread out of a nearly 21 month slumber just to complain about a perfectly clear mechanic that you either didn't read, or are upset about now because it doesn't synergize with something you did despite that potential knowledge.

The mechanic was well explained, and is in no way shady, either. Oh, and your suggestion would also make Gratuitous Violence and physical spells deal increased damage - now that would be a shady mechanic.

Then again, the last activity in this thread in 2014 was also a necro.
... -.-
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