Release Preview: Sceptre of God Music

nice track ...
Live Stream:
New Unique concept: Rider of the Eaglefish kite shield
Cannot be frozen
Cannot freeze enemies
33% increased chill slow effect on enemies
33% more cold damage
-15% fire res
+66 to ES

Although they came to the frozen north with vigor, in the end none could escape the unnamed Rider.
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this good serves to highlight how primitive and simple earlier tracks are in comparison.

I still would like to hear again the old River Crossing music ingame. :)
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.........friday yet?

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demands dub step remix

got to be good looking because im so hard too see.
Am I... Am I really... Am I really going up to go fight GOD?
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STRiCK9 wrote:

Thats Some good music, always loved the Cure since i heard "A Forest"

new soundtrack is epic, maybe i turn on the game music again when playing :P
I love the music in PoE!
Awesome work guys!!
Is it going to be act 4? Or is it the final?
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