Release Preview: Sceptre of God Music

Another fantastic addition to the soundtrack!

I'd like to personally thank you for making Act 4 Possible. :D
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oh nice track.. your announce is a flying info!!! great :) best wishes for promo tour
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Two more sleeps :D

I had family members, cousins, that would say this all the time...there wasn't days, it was always sleeps...too funny.
this track is amazing
JCar17 wrote:

I'd like to personally thank you for making Act 4 Possible. :D

Ha, as if. I'm such a lazy bum I haven't even done my monster design yet.

Oh, it won't be in act 4 btw. Likely act 1.


A few more thoughts on the track:

First impression was 'this is so textured'. Wanky word, but it's true in this case. Just when you think you know what's next, something else happens and adds a layer to the experience.

Not many tracks on the PoE OST so far can claim to have done that.

It does more in 7 minutes what almost the rest of the OST manages in over an hour.

A concern, related to how superior act 3 is to acts 1 and 2 right now, musically and in general: music this good serves to highlight how primitive and simple earlier tracks are in comparison.

Counter to the concern: the earlier tracks are more ambient, less sophisticated because act 1 is itself pretty basic and simple. Perhaps it's right that a city and its dread tower have better, more complex music than, say, a beach or a cave.

Anyway -- top stuff.

The worst part of a free-to-play game in English is it attracts so many people from financially-challenged non-English speaking countries. So many misunderstandings.

Taking a break. Solo games are more entertaining than dealing with this 'community'.
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Sweet! Can't wait
Super hyped. Amazing track.

One complaint that I have is that the track is really quiet - I had to turn my volume all the way up to hear it properly, especially in comparison to the rest of the soundtrack.

EDIT: Uploading a higher volume version of the track in a sec
^ Higher volume version
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I have to say it sounds good, like old d2 themes, but I would prefer something more epic

Come on GGG repeat with me: "we don't know how to balance but we think we know how to patch up, please forgive us for releasing things (when not useless) based on our guts feeling without testing"
Nice track.
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