[3.0] How to Flicker. Two Handed Weapon Edition!

KorgothBG could you give us your thoughts about
The Red Trail to generate frenzy charges while you are bleeding, + The Golden Rule to actually reflect bleed
do you see this viable ?
While an interesting option in my opinion it requires way too much work and sacrifices to be worth it when frenzy charge generation is something that never was an issue for me. Furthermore unless you have disfavor (which is still only 25% chance, though that should in theory be enough) you need to actually find a way to inflict bleeding. And of course on top of that you actually take damage from the bleeding that you've inflicted on yourself, oh and you won't be able to take advantage of Brutal Fervour due to the bleeding immunity that it provides.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Hey man! Big fan of this build, have been having a lot of fun. As I couldn't afford the kitavas feast or chest yet, I ended up using Kaoms primacy and linking my flicker strike in a Bringer of Pain.. It's actually working surprisingly good!

However I've now aquired a 5l daressos defiance and will soon buy a Kitavas feast. Since this relieves my need for impact or melee splash, how does the Flicker setup look like in 3.1? Flicker-Multi-MeleePhys-AddedFire-(AncestralCall/Ruthless) Last one depending on boss vs clearing. Is fortify higher prio than fire?

Also, what gems should I link in my daressos? I question if a 5link is really necessary, perhaps for some single target skill, or should I just use the chest to link my skills?


1. Flicker strike setup with 5L kitavas feast?

2. Gems in 5l daressos?

3. Will a 5L kitavas feast be a downgrade in damage from Bringer of Pain, are there other things than Impact I should change in my tree with the Kitavas?

4. I got a lightpoacher with 9% per frenzy enchant, although my life is running a bit low at 4.3k. Can I keep the lightpoacher and reach at least 5k with only rare rings, amulet, hands and belt? (Belt is already about 160 life with socket)

https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Voidshrine/characters This is my character for reference: Zakhthar (I will change impact once I get uberlab)
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hey KorgothBG

what u think about skullhead as a helmet for a flicker strike ?

and my other stuff :)

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New gloves

and ring

Hey everyone.

I followed this build till now. T7 maps atm and it works fine. Now I found an oni goroshi with 88 crit and thought about switching to a crit flicker build. Because I need to run a Purity of fire, I looked at this build idea (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2059463/page/1) and bought Red Trail Boots to generate frenzy charges. Also bought an Abyssus and I’m theoretically ready to go.

Now I’m a bit worried if my new build will be an improvement and can carry me further then my current will. What do you think? How do they compete?

My tree and gear:


Or should I just save for a 6linked Kitavas Feast or Disfavour? Will this be better for the <T10 maps?
I ask this and just dont try it because I’m a casual player with very little time and normally have only one char per league. I don’t want to cripple my char :/
Thanks for your help.
Hi! Not sure it’s been asked or mentioned, but I want to know whether I can dual wield instead of using two handed weapon?
What are your thoughts on taking Vaal Pact on this build?
deadbubble wrote:
What are your thoughts on taking Vaal Pact on this build?

Take it. The new Vaal pact is perfect with Slayer.
What do you think about doing scion version of this build? getting raider/slayer ascendancies and you wouldnt have problems with single target frenzy with 10% chance to gain a frenzy charge when you hit unique or rare. plus you could reach additional frenzy charge in top right side of the tree from ranger starting point
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