Season Four, Event 91: 1 Hour ELBLAMT

Race was fun.. (doesn't require turbo mod in my opinion)

First time died trying to run around big totem, that was probably foolish.

Second time died from flicker strike spiders near evasion totem which I didn't see before it was too late because map was generated the way I have to go downwards.

Any suggestions what to do in these situations? It is really painful when I can't see mobs that start attacking already.
really fun, but highly influenced by the drops.

had 6 chars and for 2 of them additional life pots dropped - they are the ones that scored ...

that's enough humiliation for today
Forums are SOOO much fun on patch day!

Casuals play because it's fun, not to achieve any goal unreachable with their resources.
We are playing for the next difficulty, the next keystone, the next item upgrade.
Not to feel better than anyone else.
This was THE MOST FUN Event EVER! :D

I made it only to level 5 because i had no Lifepot or Lifereg drops. But that made it more challenging ;D
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Horrible drops . This could have been fun if I could have even gotten 1 useful item.
lol 5th templar at postion 101 xD
Yeah third duelist @position 9 ^^ and was my only char
nice hard league, but horrible desync usually make if shittest
boy that was fun - slow n hard but ... fun
this is my 3 ranger, other 2 were insta killed by goatmen and the big totem.

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