Ranged Attack Totem

The base skill is "Ice Shot". Ice Shot only works when a bow is equipped, as it is a bow skill. As Ranged Attack Totem is a Support Gem, you still have to match the prequisites of the base skill; namely, you have to have a bow equipped to use Ice Shot, regardless of its supports.
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Imverykind wrote:

how much Mana has a totem?

soul4hdwn wrote:

Amazing, is that true? Can a Mod please confirm this? And what about Accuracy? Did it take my accuracy rate?
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totems uses your stats to use your skills, period for everything (well this totem specifically only does ranged attacks so bows or wands) which is gear + passives.

they have thier own mana pool, defense, and hp. thier mp and regen isn't literally infinite but high enough to never run out, or they make costs 0mp for themselves... same difference different method. there's no point in being exact when totems NEVER stop if there is a target in range.
2 questions about this totem.

1. Does it use my accuracy since it is still an attack and not a spell it doesn't have guaranteed hit right? so it should still be effected by things like resolute technique right?

2. does weapon elemental damage work with this since the totem "still uses your weapon"

It works exactly the same as if you used the skill. It uses the exact same skill after all.
Coldet wrote:
Edit: Ok so I put Power syphon on the totem and she works. Sad that you can't mix 'n match this though. In my mind "Ranged Attack" shouldn't be binding you to a specific weapon type. But I guess that's just me.
The "Ranged Attack" totem isn't restricting you to a specific weapon type. The skill "Ice Shot", which is explicitly an arrow-firing skill that can only be used with a bow, is restricting you.
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Ranged Attack Totem uses all increased attack speed you have when it fires, but I wonder if summoning the totem does.
It looks like it's not and that feels kinda lacking (Spell Totem works with everything related to spells and nothing related to attacks).

Standing still for whole second is often a dead sentence and boosting cast speed just to safely summon that shining rock feels awful. I think passive increases to attack speed should affect that 1 second summon time.
Probably not IAS on weapon since it should only affect stuff fired from that weapon (and summoning a huge rock is clearly not look like firing an arrow).
Also, only IAS and not Cast Speed should affect summon time to make it logically fullfilled.
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Summoning a totem is inherently a cast rather than an attack. We're aware this makes for less synergy with the appropriate speed stat for ranged attack totem, and there are plans to give other ways to improve totem summoning speed in future.
I'm away for Christmas until early January. I won't be able to respond promptly to PMs, or be as active on the forums, in that time. Merry Christmas!
Like, you know, adding +1-1,5% Cast Speed per RAT's Quality and/or Level?
Or maybe decrease base cast speed by 0.01-0.015 per Quality and/or Level?
Seems like simpliest solutions...

One more thing: Spell Totem already benefits from Cast Speed, so making Totem Cast Speed passives is not an option.
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just have it use whichever is higher, attack or cast, speed. averaging the two won't work as that'll end up too slow.

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