Preliminary 0.11.5 Patch Notes

Either lower the cooldown of enduring cry so it doesn't completely break a build, or make it not affected by this change, also fix desync and stop using pvp as an excuse when it doesn't even exist in this game.
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or give at least a full respec for enduring cry dischargers...
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Gotta say I see absolutely no point in balancing for PvP in any way, if it affects PvE balance somehow. In my mind PvP is a minor distraction, if available at all, in most ARPG's. Why make it a priority?

If you absolutely want it balanced, keep it on a separate server/league, whatever is necessary to keep PvP balance far away from the rest of the game.
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I didnt know traps are imbalanced, so why nerf traps? In poe, there are so many incredible imbalanced builds like infernal blow build etc. But why traps? Whats wrong about a fire trap doing 20k fire dmg?? Even if that are 40k, what is the problem??? There are infernal blow chars doing ~50k dps all the time, or dischargers doing 150k dmg all the time, not every 4s like fire trap -.-

Sometimes I dont understand you, GGG.
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Cooldown changes are very disturbing in the case of enduring cry...

I really want to build endurance charges as fast as I can on some of the more dangerous elites or bosses before I fight them, so unless the changes to enduring cry include being able to get two charges minimum per fast. I'm sure some of the more enduring cry reliant builds would agree, since they were weakened from 5% reduction to 4% per charge.

And this also poses problems for dischargers I guess.
nerf bear trap, nerf fire trap, nerf enduring cry, what the f..... awfull patch
No, this doesn't nerf traps into the ground, it just means you have to use a few different traps instead of a few of the same one. Shame about enduring cry though, I'm sure the buff to the base skill will be extremely minor.
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"Cooldown changes"

Another huge problem ... stun.
This changes makes all players almost impossible to use casting skill with cooldown.
If you don't have immune to stun.

Use skill...stun...wait for cooldown....use skill...stun... lol
What are they doing??

They cant change cooldown thing without changing stun/block mechanic.
Or just give us more immune to stun option?
If so this game doesn't need stun anymore.

Make those skill with cooldown to insta.
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AmenAnthem wrote:
Don't tell me this is a buff, the burning ground is useless and 50% isn't going to change that.

I might be wrong but I'm pretty happy with that change. The way I tend to use them it's for "difficult situations" and the burning ground is exactly what I'm looking for. Although, in truth, nerfing or enhancing trap damage seems rather pointless to me. If my fire traps did half the damage they currently do now it'd just mean I throw twice as many to kill <insert difficult target here>. But they are basically a risk-free way to kill only requiring patience.
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Notes from upcoming patch 1.1.6

To address cosmetic balance issues certain mobs will flee rather than fight if you are not up to appropriate dress codes for the area/difficulty.
I don't trade. I don't group. My comments reflect that.

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