Season Four, Event 19: 1 Hour Descent

Please click this link if this is your first race event.

To see your points in the current season (and its prizes), go to this page.

In descent events, dead characters are able to receive prizes.

Top Prizes:

The overall top player by experience will receive 3 Reward Points.

The top 20 players of each class by experience will receive:
  • #1 player of each class: Demigod's Stride (Unique Golden Caligae) and 10 Reward Points
  • #2 player of each class: 6 Reward Points
  • #3 player of each class: 5 Reward Points
  • #4 player of each class: 4 Reward Points
  • #5 player of each class: 3 Reward Points
  • #6-10 player of each class: 2 Reward Points
  • #11-20 player of each class: 1 Reward Point

Prizes for reaching specific levels:
  • Level 23: 10 Reward Points
  • Level 21-22: 7 Reward Points
  • Level 18-20: 6 Reward Points
  • Level 15-17: 5 Reward Points
  • Level 12-14: 4 Reward Points
  • Level 9-11: 3 Reward Points
  • Level 6-8: 1 Reward Point
Hey guys!

I've updated the Descent Race Index with some info we've obtained during the 24hr descent.

However according to GGG, this Descent or the next will contain changes to the chests rewards. I cannot make this race so if you've spotted a new change to one of the rewards, please do leave a reply on the topic and I'll be sure to fix it.

Thanks :)
IGN: @GreenDude
Large chest in statue zone... AGAIN. I don't even know how this is fucking possible anymore.
Had to log out there as well due to desync. /oos out of a shitty situation, only to get resynced right back into it 1 second later. Literally lost about 5-8 minutes extra on top of what you'd expect to spend there.
Then for the grand finale, in an epic show of desync prowess, I die in skeleton cave of all places.

God I miss standard races... It's all turbo clusterfucks, rng shitfests and party races.
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Please fix weaver disappearing and never coming back in Descent. That was kind of a pain. It had been so long since I did descent I took the health pots instead of quicksilvers...but guess there weren't many witches. The extra medium pot saved my arse in the statue zone, did they get a numbers tweak or something? They just would not die to ANYTHING, elemental res on even the "fragile" ones seemed high.

Rewards-wise, thanks for giving witch FP and firestorm in the same chest. Does the other one contain ice nova/ice lance now or something?
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Record :(

Died in the end but the rest of the race was funny
Well, I desynced into a blue pack in the goatmen zone, had 8 life and no way of regenerating health (empty flasks) so I had to slowly kill the blue leapers one by one while dodging all their attacks and slowly refilling my flasks. It was absolutely insane.

I somehow made it to 19.5 even though I spent more than 10 minutes in this stupid goatmen zone.

Im gonna go out on a limb and just say that, had that shit not happened I would have easily made lvl 22 or 23. It was basically 10 minutes wasted because in descent you can't refill your pots and you are blind as a bat on low health in the goatmen zone.
#1 Victim of Murphy's Law.
"Descent" RNG:

My Alching luck sucked:

Couple of rares I couldn't use:

she did come back, she comes back after a few seconds

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