Request : Please -never- -ever- quality your DIVINATION DISTILLATE unique flask!

Then why does popping a health flask fill my life to full and if lose more life continue to refill it till the max amount of life or time has expired?

It doesn't, the flask effect wears off the instant you hit full hp.
sry ive seen godly and godlys dont lose hp wich wuold pretty much be a smiter with life tap
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Thats old news. Everyone knew that i thought.

inb4 haters
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GGG just needs to make these work like granites or jades etc
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Silva wrote:
This is a really cool tip! Thanks :)

It's the same for other flask effects as well. For example, curse immunity or resistances (etc.) during flask effect. Use a health/mana flask, the immunity or resistances stop as soon as your as soon as your health / mana is full. So these affixes are terrible on health/mana flasks. You want these mods on flasks that are guaranteed to run the duration.
glassblowers so rare now, no worries
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Nice tip bro ;-) +1
Not supporting what´s PoE turning into since 2.0 =(
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lel, thought everyone knew this already
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I've got 2 words for you:

arctic armour.

Just bought one, I just thought it worked as a granite/jade flask and slammed 18 goubles on it right away... Then I try it out to see my mistake, come and check this thread. Jokes on me I guess. It isnt that bad I can still get off all rares but I wouldn't recommend it.
or maybe just maybe ggg can just make its effect last 5 seconds so we dont have to dick around with it.

my mana pool refills once every quarter second.

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