will complete all challenges today!

hello, i will complete all challenges today. :)

follow this thread!


Share my experience

First, you should choose which league you want to farm in end game. I chose the anarchy league because of 3 reasons.
1. I think my reaction was not very good and i am not confident that my char never died in farming maps. That would let me slower if my char died.
2. You cant get a very nice gear with high survivability and high IIQ/IIR at early game. A gear with only high IIQ/IIR is easier to get.
3. I need to spend much time searching rouge exiles if i farmed maps in onslaught.

About challenges

1.Slay the Rogue Exiles

Just farm maps and then you can meet all rogue exiles.

2.Own these Unique Items
If you focus in this challenge, you don't need to farm too high level maps. you can sell lv72+ maps. It will help you to get the more uniques. Remember to let your IIQ/IIR be the maximum you can do at last hit.
If you have many currencies in the other league, try to exchange them to onslaught/anarchy league.
Keep searching the uniques you didn't own per hour or 30 mins. It's very important! Sometimes, you can get an unique for a very cheap price. For example, i traded my 71% andvarius for dream fragments. (I bought andvarius for 1exalt) If you try to trade 1ex for dream fragments, it's impossible.

3.Reach Level 60 in Onslaught
If you chose farming maps in anarchy, you don't worry about the Strength of the build at end game. You can choose a nice build at level 1-60. I could further explain my builds if many people are interested.

4.Items from Vendor Recipes
This challenge is easier than the other.
Divine from Tabula Rasa
Regal from a full set of gears at itemlevel 75+
Scouring - Many people have the question about this orb. Using your regal at magic gear with one mob and then sell it!

5.Use each Map
You can get every map if you have a fixed map group. Actually, i don't. A group help me to finish it. I thank them very much.

6.Full-clear in any Difficulty
This challenge is very funny. :) I finished it alone. You can finish it quickly with a party.

7.Allocate these Passives
If you want to have more fun, you should try many different builds to finish this challenge. I want to be faster, so i chose the another method. Level up a char to lv16-20, and then you have about 20 passive points and 2 respec points from a dirty job. You can finish the passive points near every class. But remember! it's very boring. QQ You need to creative over 20 characters.

Share my build in Anarchy

My build is here

You should get 1 power charge from "Deal whith the bandits" mission and use void battery.
When you hv 8 power charges, you can get
142% spell damage - 140% from 8 power charges, 2% from passive point(spell damage per power charge)
109% critical strike chance - 59% from unique, 50% from additional 1 power charge
20% Cast speed

I think it's not easy to get the better rare wand than this unique.

But there are still few problems about the build.
1.I didn't pick the "unwaverling stance" passive point. You are easy to be stunned and then died.
2.Your damage is the worse before you get 5 power charges. It's important that how to get 8 power charges quickly.

My solution
In order to avoid being stuned, i need to choose a ranged spell. So my solution is "ice spear". It owns very high base spell critical cnance.

This's my stat.
Ice spear - critical chance (0 charge) / critical chance (8 charges)
first form - 32% / 60%
second form - 74% / 102%

You can get 8 power charges quickly about 1-2 sec. You maybe ask me why not choose "freezing pulse". The only reason is "not pick the unwaverling stance passive point". You must approach the monsters if you use freezing pulse.
You can see the critical chance of the ice spear in second form with 8 power charges is 102%. Every monster will be frozen when you hit them. that let you safer.
Besides, i am low life and using righteous fire. You can use many auras by low life and raise much damage from righteous fire.

Finally, i don't suggest you use this build in onslaught. :)

Share my builds in onslaught


If you have read my experience in this thread, you could know my reaction isn't very good. And i completed this challenge alone. So i need a build with high survivability to help me. My first char in onslaught referred to this guide, ETUP's EK build. (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/212728)
I think this build is very op, because he didn't pick any pure increased damage point. Don't worry about your damage. I had realized this build alone at one month race. My weapon was here.

(My goal was set to kill merciless piety and i completed at lv72) You can start to use EK at about lv45 and use heavy strike/ Ground slam before lv45. If you cant get a good spell weapon, you can still use heavy strike/ Ground slam. (same as me at this time)
**Heavy strike /Ground slam linked melee physical damage/ faster attack.

My build is here.


My main skills are dual strike/ cleave. If you have the problem about mana, try to pick blood magic or get atziri's foible unique. atziri's foible is the first choice, because you can use the more auras.
**cleave/ dual strike linked melee physical damage/ faster attack.

My build is here.


I wanted to try kripp's discharge build originally. I think it's very good build and funny. but i changed my mind when i got this mace.

I decided to use the experienced build, heavy strike/ ground slam with mace. I could save much time to let my templar achieve lv60. You can use ice nova before lv20. It's pretty good skill at early game.
I didn't pick iron reflexes passive point, so try to equip pure armor gears.
My build is here.


I referred to this guide, Gankstaboo's Ranger Guide (RoA, LA) 18k DPS RoA Ranger. (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/311187). And my passive tree couldn't be refered after 0.11.2 patch.
**frenzy linked faster attack/mana leech/life leech
**LA linked Weapon ele damage/faster attack/mana leech

If you have same goal as me(just complete this challenge), you should try to get the better leveling weapon. The tip is same as unique challenge, keep searching the weapons you wanted per 1-2 hours.
Just show you my leveling bow. this weapon let me decide my shadow build.


I want to use lighting strike/ double stike build with dagger originally. I referred to this guide, CI Crit Dagger Shadow. (http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/42623) But i worried about its survivability. After i got the nice leveling bow, i decided to use frenzy/lighting arrow build with bow.
You can use normal attack/ poison arrow/ split arrow before lv19. You don't need pick accuracy passive point at early game.
**frenzy linked faster attack/mana leech/life leech
**LA linked Weapon ele damage/faster attack/mana leech

My build is here

**Remember to help normal/cruel oak with marauder/duelist/templar/ranger/shadow, it's the safer.


I used many skills for leveling up witch.
Lv 1~18 - fire trap/fireball at single, fire trap/ice nova at multi
LV19~30 - fire trap/fireball at single, fire trap/ ice spear(linked lmp) at multi
Lv31-45 - fireball(link concentrated effect) at single, fire trap/ice spear(linked lmp/faster casting) at multi
Lv45-60 - Pick ancestral bond passive point about lv45, and then use dual spark totem.(linked faster casting/lighting pen/fork/spell totem)
I suggest you prepare flame totem/lmp/knockback. (leveling up them at secondary weapon slot) you will need them at killing cruel oak and after picking ancestral bond passive point.
My build is here.

Say something to everyone

Hi, i want to say something to everyone :)

I always try to set a goal and do my best to finish it. No matter what the final result was, i don't regret. (Even if i didn't finish it) When i knew the news about onslaught/anarchy league and the challenges, i told myself that wow, these is a achievement system! i love it. I can try to finish few challenges. I made advance preparations including which league i should choose to farm maps in, my builds in onslaught etc.

I have shared many experiences in this thread. I tried to do my best and let me not regret the result i got. When i almost completed 7 challenges, i tried to know how many people have completed all challenges. After i got some messages from forum, i found maybe i can get a good rank. So i tried to complete "the Allocate these Passives" challenge faster. I didn't know i have a chance to be the first, because GGG didn't reply the thread. When Qarl replied the message "We have checked, just to be sure. I can confirm you are the first to complete all challenges.", i am so surprised.

I never thought i can get a good rank in completing all challenges originally. If you read my builds in onslaught, you could know i can always learn many things from top players and streamers. Because of this reason, i think i am never the better than them.

About kripp

Someone said i beat kripp, i didn't think so.
I knew kripp from D3. He killed the diablo first at hardcore. I joined POE because of his livestream. Now, i almost follow his livestream everyday. I learned many builds and things from his livestream. Kripp does the challenges, the race, and shares his builds at the same time. I think i can't be the better player than him in my life. I treated him with respect.


I played D3 from 2012 May to 2013 January. my total played time is over 2200 hours. But i didn't go back D3 after joining POE. let me say what i can do in POE.

1.Enjoy the story when you play at first time.
2.Try diferrent builds
3.Try the same builds with the different class
4.Creative a new build and share it
5.Get the the better/top gears by farming
6.Crafting the better/top gears
7.Join the race
8.Compelete the challenges
9.Find the added unique
10.Enjoy the trade with the player not machine
wow, who can help me to complete this challenge! :P

I can keep having lots of fun from this game. I am grateful to GGG for giving me a good game.
lets support a good game!! if you can.

About myself

I am just a ordinary player. Some people seemed to dislike or doubt me because i completed all challenges. I felt so sad and hope i don't break your game experience.

Own these Unique Items - completed! 2/8

Use these Currency Items - completed! 3/8

Reach Level 60 in Onslaught - completed! 4/8

Items from Venser Recipes - completed! 5/8

Use each Map - completed! 6/8

Full-clear in any Difficulty - completed! 7/8

Allocate these Passives - all completed! 8/8
Completed all challenges in OB and shared my experience. thread/464722
ST Crit Dagger/Discharge build: thread/570185
Freeze! trap build & one of the best party builds: thread/669129
Low life EK scion/MF/block: thread/684037
CI Flameblast/Infernal Mantle Burning Witch: thread/721079
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A very poor shop... the 9 isn't even in line on 89 like it is on 59.
Could you please tell us which one is remaining from each category?

(I call bs lol)

when I see a tag probation I wonder, what did this man to deserve this?
Then i feel envy, perhaps he has the balls to write the things that many of us can't.
I want screenshots of each one dropped down, or I too call bs.
Went up to 2. Might actually be real.

edit: A few minutes passed and he's at 3. Sounds legit if you ask me.
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Completed 16 ChallengesShagsbeard wrote:
A very poor shop... the 9 isn't even in line on 89 like it is on 59.

damn you people always seeking conspiracy

at 5 now, gogogo first t-shirt!
long as he had enough currency or friends help or rmt uniques is the only hard one
Okay I'm impressed now, GG
He has a "6" under his name, how can you call bullshit? You guys are idiots.
Completed 16 ChallengesShagsbeard wrote:
A very poor shop... the 9 isn't even in line on 89 like it is on 59.

You made yourself look like an idiot :)

cavespro wrote:
long as he had enough currency or friends help or rmt uniques is the only hard one

Oh look, someone is jealous!

Almost there. Gogo :)


It was a 1 when he opened the thread. It went up every couple of minutes so one can only assume he prepared everything for this moment.
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