Throw (melee weapons become projectiles instead of unnecessary additional weapon types)

i don't know about you guys but throwing a huge two hand mace as a boomerang sounds sick!
ign = ultrahiangle
So it seems like the devs totally used this suggestion. Cool.
So, onto another idea...

How about a generic Throw support gem for single target melee attacks?

You'd conjure an ethereal form of your weapon that is thrown forward but doesn't boomerang back, so that Spectral Throw is unique. It'd be a remote skill (traps, mines, totems) support for melee builds, which are currently nonexistent.

  • Throw
    Support, Attack, Melee, Projectile

    Creates an ethereal replicate of your melee weapon to be thrown as a projectile, hitting the enemy with the linked single target melee skill.

    #% Less Damage
    #% Chance to Pierce Enemies
same name in-game
im totally gonna make a darth vader build with weapon throw 2handed staff if that works

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