Race Season Three Details

If you'd like to read about past race Seasons, please check out the announcement articles for Seasons One and Two!

We have specifically tried to address the following pieces of feedback about the last two Seasons:
  • We gave out too many Demigod's Triumphs, diminishing their short-term value
  • Season Two event density was too high
  • Too many events had complex sets of mods like BLAMT that not everyone enjoyed
  • None of the events offered a massively different game experience (like our new Descent races do!)

The 161 events in Season Three are divided into three categories:
  • 1 One-week Race: This awards a Demigod's Stride Unique item to the top 20 players.
  • 50 Competitive Races: These award a Demigod's Stride Unique item to the top player of each class. We have avoided scheduling other competitive events at the same time as the as the one-week race.
  • 50 Descent Races: For more information, check out the article!
  • 60 Fun Races: These events can have complex combinations of mods and award random Unique items in addition to their regular points prizes.

Event types are marked in the calendar by a letter (C = Competitive, D = Descent, F = Fun), for example the first race is S03D001.

All three categories receive points as prizes that contribute to the range of alternate art Unique items awarded over the season. At the end of the Season, we're also giving out alternate art Demigod's Strides to the top 20 overall players by points and to the top three players of each class in the Descent Signature races. Note that the same player can't be counted twice for the same class.

This is a total of approximately 320 regular Demigod's Strides and 38 alternate art ones given out across the Season. In comparison, we gave out 2300+ Demigod's Triumphs across Seasons One and Two!

All races in this Season are parented to Standard and Hardcore, not to Anarchy and Onslaught. If you die during an event, your character moves back to Standard. If you finish an event alive, your character moves back to Hardcore. Character are destroyed at the end of Descent races. We have avoided moving characters and items into Anarchy and Onslaught because it's very complex to track their challenges and because we've promised that those leagues do not have arbitrary characters appearing in the ladder from the outside. All of the items will mix together in Standard and Hardcore in a little over three months when those Challenge leagues end.

I'm really excited for this Season and will be playing a lot of Descent (and hopefully other events, time-permitting) myself!
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yes I so long waited
Interested in Decent. Good work.
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Lordy. Looks like I'll have to push myself if I want to get Rainbowstride.
IGN: Frostveil
Gonna actually do some races now that descent is here. Before it always seemed like a waste of time, knowing I won't win any points other than to level up chars in each race, by which point it was just level grinding for points as much as possible...

More new gamemodes like descent will really keep the game alive. Great work!
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The separation of Competitive and Fun races seems like a step in the right direction, but you were (perhaps deliberately) vague about how that difference is being implemented in terms of point structure... still happy to see that you're thinking about such differences.
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Too many events had complex sets of mods like BLAMT that not everyone enjoyed

I would like to go on record to proclaim my love of BLAMT races.

Looking forward to Season 3!!
awesome look forward to it
Limiting this season's Demigod, might backfired once PoE is out of OB.
320 is a bit short imo, maybe 500?
Sweeping Maid
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What is the reward design reason behind having 5 boots (6 if you count the demigod)?

Surely mixing it up (helmet, glove, belt etc) would've been better.

Also, I hope the per-race point rewards have been adjusted to compensate for a 100 less races, seeing as how the points required for the highest prize are still the same.
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