Diamond Flasks are back in 0.11.1

Path of Exile's Closed Beta used to have Diamond Flasks - a type of utility flask that we watched become more and more mandatory for end-game builds. Just before we entered Open Beta, we removed the flask so that we could rebalance it before re-introducing it (Open Beta items are around forever). It's finally back and uses the "Lucky" mechanic that was recently introduced on a Unique item designed by a Diamond Supporter. Diamond Flasks in 0.11.1 roll your Critical Strike Chance twice and pick the best value. We're still balancing the duration of how long the flask lasts and how rare it is.

The screenshot also shows new helmet art from 0.11.1.
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Can't wait!
IGN: Aux
Awesome, looking forward to it.
Crits all day!
Nice! Always wanted more flask options!
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awww shit
Oh yessssss these flasks are going to be great for the builds I like. Crits are so much fun
What I'm wondering is why the witch has a birdcage on her head.


Is that a Kiwi cage?
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