[3.22] Enki's Lightning Conduit Elementalist - a beginner-friendly Caster Build

Ooh I just started following the old guide a few (playing) days ago. I'm a new player who just went through one other character up to lvl78 without a guide to enjoy the story first before delving deeper into the other mechanics.
A bit sad to see the arc guide go as I enjoyed it so far. I'm also excited for things moving forward here though :) keep up the fantastic work with your guides!

Hi Enki,

I was looking forward to trying your arc guide this league. I guess I will be rolling this one instead.

Something to consider - since flasks will be a solid defensive layer in your build and the thief tormented spirit removes flask effects, the new atlas keystone that makes the spirits possess you instead of monsters may be a life saver.

I'll be checking every day to see if you have finished it, cheers.
Any educated guesses on whether this will be ruthless viable?
And we're live! Not sure if I can get the video done before league start, got some personal things to take care of and still haven't even worked on my own SSFHC starter.

If anything is unclear or missing in the guide, please let me know!
Thanks a lot for the guide! I can't wait to try it out
Thanks for your work <3
Good stuff, exile!
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good job
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Thank you for the guide. :)
Enki91 wrote:

He did it again !
Damn ! xD
Thanks as per always, Enki!
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