[3.22] Enki's Lightning Conduit Elementalist - a beginner-friendly Caster Build

Well... R.I.P. Arc, and GL with this one, thx for patience to continue on! :-)
GL! :-)
Enki, first off thanks for all the great work you did for free on the Arc guide. It helped many into the game, as the posts in that thread and the mentions everywhere show. If I read you correctly, you are thinking of deleting that guide? Should that be the case: Please consider keeping it up as a small - but valuable - part of POE history. Renaming it to "Memorial" seems very fitting though.

I will surely start with your new build then, just to be part of the party and discussion. And I do have the feeling our Arc Witches aren't dead, merely exiled, readying to return one day with dark vegengence on their minds.
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was still following when it got updated lol. first poe build for a noob, had some great concepts. thanks for all the hard work my guy. really makes it easy for newcomers who have little to no concept or skill :)
something ends, something begins, thanks for all your work!
Already waiting!
Cant wait to try this in SSF
So what if I use arc to apply shocks for the conduit thonk
Moin Enki, thank you again for your work on the Arc Build. I'm very excited about this build and wish it as much success as the old one. I'm considering whether to start with this build in 3.22. Grüße gehen raus!
Kroohpyyh wrote:
So what if I use arc to apply shocks for the conduit thonk

You can do that but it is not recommended. Yes, you can shock Enemies with Arc, but when you use Lightning Conduit you remove the Shock from the Enemy, meaning you have to cast Arc again. So it is a back and forth.

With Orb of Storms or Storm Brand, you'll get a constant Shock on the Enemy and have to recast them much less frequently
This build is gonna be sick.:)
Defenses Seems WAY better than the arc version !!

Keep the good work Enky.
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