[3.22] Lightning Dervishes Champ, 5M Dps, cheap, my League Starter (+Squire var.)

Because that pob was made before the gem was actually implemented in path of building. In the newest pob you can find the actual gem.
hey, two questions :) :

1. why is fresh meat better than inc. crit.

I am level 90 atm, running juiced up t16 maps and my dancing dervishes seems almost never to die.

2. would be mageblood a good replacement for for brutal restraint? I could drop essence extraction for more tanky notes right? or would you recommend something else?

nice build btw. Cheers
1. Fresh meat is better in almost all the cases, depending on content. On bosses is always better, while mapping is better if you play content that requires you to stop and recast the dervishes.
I did the math a while ago, it turned out that fresh meat is better then inc crit if the dervishes are being summoned for less then 20 seconds, while inc crit is better if dervishes are alive for more then 20 seconds.

2. Mageblood is always good on every build. It will allow to put more resistances into flasks, so you can use a pair of -30% lighting res ventor gambles it will also boost armor and evasion... It's mageblood...
So I changed some stuff in the build to make it more suitable for me.(Changed Talisman and 2 Ascendancy nodes, some gems). With Alt quality gems you can get to 8.5M Dmg with around 100k EHP which is pretty nice(only POB, I´m missing some gear upgrades on my char.)

The only thing that gets deadly fast for this build is lightning damage over time from Shaper Beam, Baran fields or mana siphon/lightning aura monsters. You could counter that with the Blood of Corruption Amulet(Gluttony of Elements), at least for bosses and if u are quick enough. But if u do u miss out on 50% or 100% lightning damage conversion, what in return could lead to some one shots. I actually picked First to Strike last to Fall instead of Conqueror Ascendancy for the Adrenaline if things get bad and gave the minions taunt, what boosts your survivability even more.

In case anybody wonders what you can achieve with this build:

-Did all Guardians
-Maven(First time ever fighting her)
-Uber elder ->(First time ever fighting him; Killed him but then died to some bs after I used my last portal, only died bc I was to stupid to get into the elder field and after that I died 4 times trying to summon the DDs through cyclone because the shaper was firing lasers non stop and the damage from the lasers lingers even if u run out of it(I just need to git gud))

Will try some more bosses/simulacrum/ubers etc in the following weeks.

Overall this build is pretty fun and makes fast currency, especially with the Destructive Play Atlas node. t16 Bosses just melt away in ~1-2 seconds. So thank you very much for sharing this build! As a farely casual player i never got so far even tho I´m playing since beta. So thanks again and good luck!
Hello this seems like a very cool build, i just want to make sure that i understand, do the 2 flasks in the pob need to be up at all times and are they required to achieve cap res on cold and fire?
so bro I decided to come back to this game after 5 years of break. I liked what I see in this build so far. I just wanna ask if copying Helikopterr's skill tree, flasks and items would be enough?

I can't see those pastebin datas :( just found out how to. It must get confusing, musn't it xD
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