[3.22] Lightning Dervishes Champ, 5M Dps, cheap, my League Starter (+Squire var.)

Hello there, can i ask you, what Ignite duration doe on us ? Did i miss something? I'm dumb i think
It's very important because with the Firesong jewel it gives 100% reduced duration of all elemental ailments, granting a pseudo immunity.
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Oh i see, alright ! thanks
Yo, finally new version of dervish ;o what about the new volatility gem?
hi there,

i know this is weird question , but if a friend is using doryani prototype already what would be the next best thing to use as for a chest?

can you share 1 chest for DPS and
also share what chest we can use for supporting both our damage/defenses (victario?)

Thank you!
Volatility looks surprisingly good on pob, i don't fully understand why. With perquil's toe would be even stronger but that will leave you very weak to lightning damage so idk. It needs testing. Maybe then just skip extra lightning damge maps...

If your supp is running doryani setup, running victario yourself will leave you defenceless, and it's not worth running for 10% dmg increase. Personally i would opt for a defence chest, like the brass dome, probably i'd go jugg too (maybe guardian), but it would be a completely different build and concept since you will then need to cap your lightning res.

Replica shroud of the lightless with jewels with flat dmage would be the most dps increase.

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I think u should go with damage on full life, its one of the best supports for dervvish they are always full hp + fresh meat is kinda useless if you get it for 10 first seconds on map and u wont ever have it on boss unless u despawn them
Couple of questions now that I've reached yellow maps with this build:

1. What is the purpose of SRS? I can barely get a couple off every once in a while with the limited mana available. Sure, they got Feeding Frenzy, but it's only a 3-link.

2. How much do we really benefit from the negative lightning resists? Half of the time my blades are out on their own adventures and I'm spinning around like an idiot on some rare mob doing 0 damage, desperately waiting for them to return to my side.

3. The PoB contains Brutal Restraint, which gives us flask charges for giving up a number of flask slots. Is that something we really need? I rarely pop my flasks at the moment because usually the blades handle most enemies and I can often place myself at a safe distance from mobs - and always keep moving.

4. Melding of the Flesh gives us a lot more negative lightning resistance - and means we no longer have 80 cold res, but instead it will be capped at 76% at best, correct? Depending on what "nearby" means, how often are we actually getting this extra damage and is it worth losing that extra max res?

Thanks in advance! =)

Arfihk wrote:
I think u should go with damage on full life, its one of the best supports for dervvish they are always full hp + fresh meat is kinda useless if you get it for 10 first seconds on map and u wont ever have it on boss unless u despawn them

Dervishes are not always on full life anymore btw, i can tell from experience, and dmg on full life is already on pob if i'm not mistaken. I'm testing fresh meat: the uptime depends on what mechanic are you doing, with betrayal harvest and expedition you will despawn the minions for example. Also all the major big endgame bosses have phases that will force a despawn. You can also argue that while mapping you don't need the extra 6L damage so it's fine to keep fresh meat. On the other hand Increased crit strikes is much more reliable, so the choice is up to you and the content you chose. Probably i would play volatility in place of conc effect or damage on full life.

1. For SRS you need phantasmal quality to get them immunity. Try arcanist brand in the gloves with assassin's mark linked and not linked and see how much you like it. I fixed my mana issues with 2 flat mana regen tatooes.

2. Huge benefit, the radius of doryani is basically the whole screen. Try to flame dash away from your dervishes to "recall" them to you if they get too far.

3. Yes. It fixes dex problems, and provides us whith permanent resistances (with flasks) and buff that allow you to play melding of the flesh. It is not mandatory for yellow or lower red maps tho.

4. Worth the 35% more damage on endgame gear that has good res rolls. Basically it converts res rolls into damage rolls. The minus max res is countered by the flasks.

Actually with good ventors you can get similar dmg but then you need to solve ailment immunity in other ways, but there is no other way XD (stormshroud makes us lose 10% dmg...)

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Take 2 tatooes with flat mana regen, some with + fire res and some with + all attributes to fix your build.

Very possible that this pob is briked because you get 1 shot by lightning damage. If that's the case opt for an avian twin talisman instead. Or just don't run extra lightning damage maps and avoid lightning damage mobs XD
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