3.21.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Great update GGG! I was one of the player's experiencing these very "negative" first and second nodes, nice to see we can have better chances at much better nodes now.

Thanks for the awesome league! (Now let's get Sentinels and Crucible Forges in Core ;) )
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Well I just had 7 crashes in 30 minutes ... I think this is record.
Any word if this update will hit consoles today? ty
Huge bummer as someone playing Ruthless who got a unique weapon from the Crucible mechanic already. That change should have already been in the game, and weapons received from it pre patch should be given a tree. I'm not gonna get another Advancing Fortress in Ruthless, and "lol just add a tree yourself using the endgame mechanic" is a tonedeaf non-solution to the situation.

This is extremely demotivating because I already went out on a limb to try relying on the league mechanic with a weapon-based build. If I started on a spell-based build none of this would be an issue, and now I'd be free to farm for a unique weapon on any weapon-based build I desire going forward. Feels like, once again, I'm punished for playing the league on launch. Should have waited until this inevitable post-weekend balance update.
Remove soul eater from the game, it has no honest place in current game design
I was pretty demotivated when I sold a champion kite shield with sells for another unique champion kite shield and instead got a rare one. That was 2 divines I lost. Very next day they patch it and im still out the 2 divines. Btw lvl 91 and still not a single divine or exalt has dropped. (new record of badness).

"Unique Items obtained by selling an item with a Crucible Passive Tree now come with their own Crucible Passive Tree, with the first skill allocated."

This doesn't work - just tested it.

Another awesome waste of time.
hey GGG molten masters challenge does not function as of right now. wont accept delirous for rare kill completion or rare corrupted map with 8 mods, or even a mix of both. ( i tried everything)
still no fix for harvest colours :(
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
Game crashing like crazy after this.

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