What are the cookie cutter builds for each class

I want to know what builds are the most commonly used

This is why i want to know
You're probably on the wrong game, bud. The purpose here is FULL customization.

Also, this is beta, if you have a key you should be experimenting. I'm blowing all of my currency items trying to mess around with items because... this will eventually be wiped! Also I'm almost done with act 2 cruelty and i've used up ALL 6 of the refund points they gave me because I am experimenting around. And soon as I get the next two in the next difficulty I need to use them! If they deleted my guy today I would remake him tomorrow and probably with a different build.

Now is the time to figure out what YOU want to do, if you want to play cookie cutter style then there is those types of games out there and you may want to go play one.

^ What he said. If you are looking for cookie cutters, you are on the wrong game. PoE is 100% about customization and creating your own build is half of the game's appeal.

Plus... this is Beta. Heck, this is CLOSED Beta. If it pisses you off to restart a level 4 toon (from the post you quoted), I suggest putting the game down right now, because whatever you do now will be wiped anyway.
i've run into a wall with acrobat shadow, so this is a valid post.. any help into good ideas for starting a viable build per class can only help to improve functional testing.

on a side note.. acrobat. needs some help.
PoE being highly customizable doesn't mean you can't have cookie cutter builds. It means you can have a huge number of cookie cutter builds.
Completed 9 Challenges0sync0 wrote:
PoE being highly customizable doesn't mean you can't have cookie cutter builds. It means you can have a huge number of cookie cutter builds.

This pretty much sums it up from what I can tell. I hope there are several. No game can escape the stigma of "cookie-cutter", but this game certainly seems to allow multiple for each class
common builds I've seen on youtube are bow and arrow ranger or duelist, summoner witch/templar, and blood magic marauders.
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I feel like my build is cookie cutter. I'm building things most obvious for a marauder.

+HP, +HP Regen, +Physical Damage, +1H Mace Damage, +Shield stuff.

Take Resolute Technique and ignore accuracy and crit passives.
Take Blood Magic and ignore mana and mana regen passives.

Resolute Technique and Blood Magic really help me focus on stats I want, so picking items is really easy.
I'm going with a more out-there build with the Shadow. I wanted to feel Mightier and have some good Strength oriented stuff, so I took him toward the Duelist zone; but I'm also going to get the + Fist weapon skills(and grabbing a couple of Ints along the way to make the minimum.) I'm playing him less magicy and more like a strong fist-fighter. Alternately I could have grabbed Duelist and taken him toward the fist weapons.

(I wanted 'Strong feeling monk type' for the theme.) It's been working just fine so far, and Shadow/Duelist are closer to the fist weapon area than Marauder(though you could do that with him as well rather easily.)

I'm sure there will be run of the mill cookie cutters-but there will likely be a lot and there will be a whole lot of open-ness with stuff.
Full customization is something that most games games can't offer. This is a god damn gift. Use it omg.

And remember, sometimes thinking outside the box helps as hell. Try to discover new metagaming strategies.
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