Core Supporter Packs Concept Art - Hellfire

bro we need the black and white version
MetalxFever wrote:
And you sadly went with the worst of the sets

yeah :( right 2 looked so much better especially 3rd one
You need to make that king with a crown looking fire helmet in the black and white art. We need more crown microtransations like that.
The other 3 were epic! The slimmer version just doesn't look right. I hope they add the lava cape to our supporter pack...
Deus_Vitae wrote:
I kept telling myself I would refrain from more purchases until certain game QOL stuff was added/changed (ranger voice lines past act 4? etc) but this pack makes it so hard lol. It's a total knockout and artists should be proud!

voice lines in an arpg are a QOL? You must be joking
Beatiful !
The Hellfire Lion Armour let it happen my goodness it looks gorgeous 😍

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