Core Supporter Packs Concept Art - Hellfire

Ok, you forgot to make the fire cloak :P
This was my least favorite of the core pack, but I still think it looks really good, speaks to how good the core sets were this year.
The one I liked the most was the Hellfire Bird Chicken looking set. I would buy and wear that one, looks dope
badass af
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
2 on the right of the hellfire armor concept art looks so so so much better than what we got :/

honesty i got 2 packs and this was one of them but i hate how both packs i got look but i just needed the points
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The in-game design is poor af. There is no art direction in the game? Each design comes from a different world, a different game? Why? Cheap design af. For example, in Diablo 2 everything looks like from Diablo 2 world. No rainbow glow knights, elsewhere robotic laser shooting tiger head clown etc.
I hope you do something about it in POE 2.
The game needs style.
It's actually more colorful than D3 and doesn't look dark fantasy anymore.
( And to be clear, I don't mean the Asian vision of dark fatnasy. )

It is the same issue as designing, for example, only the logo for the company and designing the entire branding, including the logo in its entirety.

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look great :>

Please make this leauge core!!! I know you said you woulndt but this is the most fun i ever had since such a long time... you fixed the game and gave us sanctum.. now dont take it ever again :D keep your sancitifed relics i dont need them but please leave the sanctum mechanic... THank you for listening :3
I really like that fire Lion style of this set
And you sadly went with the worst of the sets

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