3.20.1b Patch Notes Preview

Honestly way more Voidborn packs sold than I thought would be sold, and still more to be added.
Sick. Can't wait until everyone rages at the foils they get from the keys PepeLaugh
If your servers are going down in 20 min why you're even let players join them? I lost map and got annoyed because I didn't notice it's going to update. Before anyone says they will give me map thanks but it will not change I got annoyed really badly too. Or maybe just servers around EU started to burn at like 18 mins before maintenance? Everything is 120ms+ but it feels like 6000ms. Maybe I will just take few days break from game because in such state everything will annoy me even further.
Fixed a bug where Elemental Weakness applied by the Font of Elements in the Labyrinth was increasing player Resistances rather than decreasing them.
I don't know how something like this would happen but thank you for being transparent about it being a thing that got fixed
Cassia supremacy
The death thing with the minus 250 resolve isn't bad if you go for inspiration anyway..you cannot go lower than 1 anyway.
Everytime i have to calculate everything, with 14 breaches, 8 harbingers and 2-3legions in my map, this thing can literally destroy me or give me a heartattack..not only does the sanctum spawn in those..which actives them and i get sucked in..but it wastes so much time..for no reason, deactivates my skills..like ea balista or my sparks..how funny.
Can you give us the option to..DEACTIVATE it? like..why?
This is a good reason for me and other people i know to quit this leauge, yes sanctum is fun, but i want to decide myself when i enter a room..it can't be that hard to figure it out, after the whole community already cried about it 200times..and several reddit posts..c'mon.
Probably asmongold will make a video about sooner, than you guys fixxing it..but let's hope not.
Still no QoL fixes for Ralakesh's boots constant charge removal audio spam. Marvelous.
Sitting in HO spamming alts for 4 hours straight is peak PoE gameplay. Thanks, Chris.
Cool! Thank you!
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Good stuff and a ton of bug fixes!

Sweet <3
I had hoped we would be closer to 3.21 already

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