Divination Card Stories - The Wedding Gift

I found one of these in a stacked deck already this league. i was very intrigued as to its story. Thank you for this! RNGesus be praised!
lol the fang is the cheapest item in the build if they could not afford it, absolutely love the card though!
i will be surprised if people still buy these cards after GGG altered the deal and shanked past card buyers like with "brother's stash"
if you want a story, he's his

"So I created the card. I turned my brother onto this game and we both love it. We would always play league starts together with a couple other people but it was primarily a me and him thing. So when my brother passed away last year at the age of 30 due to a very freak set of circumstances it took a very big toll on me. No foul play etc. just really out of no where. Anyway. I took some time off from work which ended up in me quitting my job and taking some time. Was about to get back into working when COVID came in and (redacted) that all up. I found out I was set to get a bit of cash from his life insurance and a few other things that helped tide me over financially but obviously... I would rather have my brother back. So I wanted to memorialize him in the game. He (redacted) loved when exalts dropped and we would always had a big "fight" about who would get more during the league so I knew it wanted to be an exalt related card. Settled on the #5 for personal reasons. His name was Justin so I wanted that in the words and GGG even went above and beyond and put it on the grave stone."
Love the stories.
I am fond of the dagger itself,

And this divination card has a great story behind it!
I love the card and your story !!
A very interesting story. I enjoyed reading it
suriuken wrote:
Wait nessa died ? I always tought she just ran into the sea to live as a mermaid since she couldnt return to being human

I think so too, I'm fairly sure the OP misunderstood it. We see her jumping into the water after the Brine King is killed - jumping very much alive, not falling dead. I presumed they left it as a potential sequel hook. Maybe she'll turn evil and be the new Merveil - maybe we'll get a later quest to try and turn her back. Maybe she'll just swim up and help at some point in a tight spot. Who knows. :)
You're the best, Suzu! Awesome!

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