Divination Card Stories - The Wedding Gift

great story, looking forward to farming those cards
Wait nessa died ? I always tought she just ran into the sea to live as a mermaid since she couldnt return to being human
Hi Suzu,

This was my first time reading about the lore of a divination card design! Wonderful story and kind of inspires me to get further in my build. I've enjoyed Arakaali's Fang myself, such a unique summoning style, and they were very fast! Thanks for sharing and take care!
Awesome story
Hi Suzu! Love that you've made this card, I've always thought about making a similar card because I love Arakaali as a character AND I love Arakaali's Fang summoners. You've done it better than I could even imagine! Cheers!
when the new acts were first released, i tried.
many times to see what i could do to save silk.

tried bursting her down. tried completing quests in different order, tried activating lore items in game and listening them till the end.

so many different ways.

then i tried actually reading the lore and listening to what the lore/npc's actually do say.

when i did, i realized, silk is obsessed. i would argue he did not need to be avenged.

his death, was akin walking into a lion's den. play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

i tried the same for nessa but after silk, i kinda grasped that there's little we can do to change their fate so i spent less time.

if i were to avenge anyone it would be nessa.

that said, the exile is also a wedding gift for nessa/tsagoth
the story behind "SkillGapMeleeIsFine" character is hilarious.
Wholesome. Great card
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
That is a nice story :) Congratulations on finally finding out what you wanted :D
Does spider have pusspuss?

does spider have pusspuss?
IGN: GoldenPepe
Woah - Silk and Nessa die? Spoiler alert!

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