[3.22] WinterOrb CwC Lightning Warp Occulist, UPDATED for 3.22

Does anyone know why this skill work with ralakesh impatience but not soul of tukohama.
When warping, you're moving from place A to B. After a warp you're stationnary until the next warp.

There's a delay once stationnary to build back stacks unlike arctic armor that is instant.

Where is the source of cold exposure?
Corrosive Elements I guess from Large Cluster Jewel for Exposure
Fun af build. Decided to do a take on it with occultist since I managed to push for original sin. Went for explosion stacking with oriath's end, divergent punishment, HoI, HoA, and profane bloom, having a blast.
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If you can find an 80% reservation multi corrupt you can get artic armor and maybe, get grace corrupt on the shield and that saves you a gem.
how to level this thing?
Thanks for my favorite build of the league. Love it.

I use vitality because have watchers eye for life gain on hit

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How hard is it to go from your version to the video version?

I have just about enough for the expensive upgrade but I'm too clueless to know if I should go for budget and upgrade or just farm for a few days and go straight to the nimis.

Update: I am dumb and misread that it was quite literally just swapping in the better gear.
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I wanted to thank you, op, for posting this build. It's the probably the most fun I've had in POE yet.

I'm a fairly casual player. If you're an experienced player with a lot of divs burning a hole in your pocket, you can skip the rest of this (very long) post. I'm hoping this might help other people who, like me, want to use this build to progress. While I've had others that, in retrospect, were likely capable, this is the first build I've used to kill Shaper, Elder, Uber Shaper, Maven, Cortex, etc. It just feels great.

First off, I converted from cold dot leveling around 72. Smart? Probably not. Effective? Yes. It blazed through maps. While technically fairly squishy, I only really felt it at a couple key points in leveling--first around 84-86, then at 93-95. Each time, I solved for it with a build or spec change. I'm only 96 now but haven't done any carries and am confident that I could go further if I just stopped being greedy. Bottom line, if you want to level with this, you can. Just get the PC, Eldritch Battery, and reservation nodes before you switch, and fill out with supplemental damage, survivability, and cluster nodes as you level. Item-wise, prioritize Zenith, Tulfall, Willclash, Ralakesh's, Malachai's (w/ high spell damage per PC), Carcass Jack (5L+), and Timeclasp (19-20% duration reduction), Badge if possible, Militant Faith if possible, L21 WO if possible. When I say "if possible," I mean "you can start playing this build without them but you'll really start to pick up steam once they're added to the mix." Keep red duration socketed until you have a pair of alternate duration reduction options in place. PCoC is a huge boost, especially post helm corrupt+FF (obviously).

Second, keep moving. That's your main survivability tool. If you aren't sure whether you should get greedy and hang out an extra second, don't. It's really that simple. I don't even find Determination that helpful in practice, so long as you have a Granite in the mix (and especially if you take after me on #7 below). I haven't used it in 20+ levels.

Third, it's been said before, but it's very annoying to have to stop to interact with content. Strongly consider tweaking your Atlas appropriately. Breach, Harbinger, Abyss require zero clicking. Legion is great but requires one click. Deli is good but can be dangerous at 60%+. You blaze through maps so quickly that you can definitely afford to skip less valuable drops.

Fourth, outside of the things mentioned above, here are the upgrades/gear considerations I've found most impactful over time, roughly in the order I'd think about picking them up:

1. Blast Freeze is huge for survivability. Pick it up asap on a large cluster with Corrosive Elements for exposure. If you can get Blanketed Snow or Prismatic Heart, all the better.

2. Militant Faith is one of your biggest early damage boosts, and has some fairly good secondary nodes available for early survivability. Especially when leveling, you'll be picking up most of what you need to get to 150 devotion anyway, so definitely take the time to look through POB before buying. As a "duh" statement: be very careful not to compromise your PC node.

3. L5 Awakened CWC also cannot be understated for survivability. Getting stunned mid-map is both annoying and deadly. If you can't afford a leveled version, socket L1 as early as you can.

4. Dying Sun is a big damage boost. Prioritize AOE boost more than usual as overlaps are huge, and of course lowest possible reduced duration based on budget.

5. It's expensive early, but I really like Progenitus for survivability, paired with either a little leech or recoup. Particularly helpful since we're a bit light on chaos res.

6. Find a solution to swap out reduced duration so that you can take advantage of PCoC. Impossible Escape (Magebane) works, and doing so would allow you to stick with Carcass Jack or go straight to an absurd Grasping Mail or similar, but I prefer...

7. 6L Sporeguard anointing Window of Opportunity + Phantasmal LW. Why? Sporeguard also gives a damage boost + secondary explosion, and 10% DR improved survivability dramatically. It'd be even better with a LW duration enchant, which I don't have. I got this after #9-10, but in retrospect the QoL was big enough that I'd put it higher. That said, the AOE loss shifting out of Carcass Jack is big as WO overlaps are huge. To compensate, I like...

8. Med clusters with Vast Power x2. Particularly once combined with #9-10, AOE/overlaps feel solid.

9. +1 PC corrupt on head. I got lucky with a cheap one early. Worth the $$.

10. FF/FF for Forbidden Power. The build just feels so much smoother after you pick these up.

11. Watcher's Eye -- lots of great options here. Run through POB as best damage option per price will vary by setup. One good damage mod + one good Vit recovery mod is huge. You can always swap for a better one later. But, you can also have some tricky resist balances to strike; corrupted blood immunity is huge for survivability; and jewels are great options to manage these risks while contributing to DPS. If not for this, Watcher's Eye would be higher.

12. Heatshiver is a huge DPS boost, but definitely the "glass cannon" approach. Don't underestimate Willclash's spell block boost, especially as you're getting used to the playstyle. Until you're very comfortable with the build -- and maybe even then -- I'd stick with Willclash.

13. Bottled Faith is very solid. I may be underestimating its value because I picked it up quite early, and so likely take it for granted; but I feel like you can skip this until later if budget demands.

This build has enough required uniques that it's easy to get into, yet has lots of room for continual improvement. Just about every upgrade feels meaningful. I have a long way to go--Nimis, better clusters, glove corruptions, helm enchant paired with +1 PC, PC ring, etc. And I'm sure I'm making a lot of mistakes along the way, including now. Yet I find myself looking forward to it, even this late in the league.

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