The Forbidden Sanctum Concept Art

Good to know those boxy relix are just 2 books in chains not the one chest :)
All arts are beautyful. Good work ^^
Nice :D

There are really interesting and enjoyable things to look at in this concept art pack.

Just one comment: it would have been so much better if you used the last image (of the woman with the wings and the staff) to represent Kalandra, instead of that horrible chicken.
Don't you DARE not including this into core game !!! I AM ADDICTED TO SANCTUMS NOW
I absolutely love Divinias design. Good job to whoever came up with that!
Divinia has the most manliest face on earth.. whats up with that?
Poe 2.0 new trailers when?
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Try #33

Can you please add a button to mute charges sounds dropping? Because the game is unplayable with sounds if you equip Ralakesh Impatience boots. My wallet is closed until you fix this. Its honestly making me want to quit the game even tho i like the league. Just add a small button or remove that sound from the game entirely, it's not helping anyone.

Thanks for listening

Incense of Kesh is a Sanctum relic 🤔

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