3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

cope with meeeeeee
We want to know what was the reduction to Base currency drop rate applied to 3.19 and the current comparison with 3.18.
Good stuff!
you tried for 9 months but i think it is time to get rid of archnemesis.
was a unfun experiment but everything has to come to an end at some point
Please fix 32:9
Helmley wrote:
Literally useless !! You said the patch notes will contain "information TOO large to be placed here" in your recent post.

This is literally shorter with less info??

[Removed by Support]
"We are aiming to deploy most of these changes today and will post the full patch notes as soon as we can in a separate post. These contain more buffs that aren't large enough to list here."

Quite literally, the opposite of what you said.
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"Strongboxes will now always drop at least one item."


It sounds like we have only been given crumbs and this hasn't been reverted back at all.

Obviously this needs testing, but holy shit thats concerning still.

Fixed an issue where the "Reforge a Rare item, being more/less likely to receive the same modifier" Harvest crafts had their descriptions backwards.

Just.... wow....
A 33% global buff to unique drops and a 25% global buff to currency drops doesn't come anywhere near balancing the equation of what was taken away with your NEVER-COMMUNICATED CHANGE of taking away the quantity and rarity bonuses from league-specific monsters.

Do you realize that there is literally no reason to engage with the Atlas other than to get passive points and then go do content that isn't meaningfully impacted by IIR/IIQ, like bosses?

Do you seriously think the community isn't capable of doing the math? *This* community? We're about 3 steps away from EVE Online in terms of building external tools to do the math that you refuse to just have in-game, and you don't think we can't see a 90% nerf followed by a 25% buff to the new value is still a net 87.5% nerf from pre-3.19?

There is no reason to play in groups anymore. There is no reason to kill monsters anymore. The only things that matter are running through maps as fast as you can to open Smuggler's Caches and Strongboxes and *maybe* kill the boss.

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