3.19.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Fixed an issue where the "Reforge a Rare item, being more/less likely to receive the same modifier" Harvest crafts had their descriptions backwards.

If ever there was proof that the balance team don't test what they're doing, that's it right there... :(
SiegBajula wrote:
Can't wait to get 4 alch instead of 3

I would kill for a 3 alch drop this league. 4? That's just crazy.
still no idea why people are happy. GGG makes some unreasonable nerfs every 2 leagues, people start squicking, they "buff" the nerfs, people start saying that ""ggg bring the glory back "but its still nerfed to bits. and they get away with it all the time.
Kids will be happy now.
You're joking, right?
Although I also stand by the benefits of moving most of the loot to rares and bosses, they must be extremely rewarding in order to compensate all the loot nerfs. If you're following through this concept, quatity and rarity bonuses for rares require a lot of tune up yet.

We just tested several setups and we're still almost breaking even with full legacy MF chars.
These changes are terrible and fix nothing, now bosses just drop more rare useless items that i waste my time Identifying.
The game feels more and more like diablo 2, a slow, boring, unrewarding grind for my time investment.
PoE evolved into a much better game, why are we going backwards.

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I ran a few maps now and I'm satisfied, this seems a good balance now. Thx!
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