3.19.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

seppel_jordan wrote:
The entitlement in the comments is real. Thanks for your work GGG.

There's certainly entitlement, but if you truly believe that the game is getting worse and wish you could go back to 3.18, or 3.17, or earlier, it's natural to protest the changes. Although I don't really care for spamming comments all day, I also don't think that GGG is taking the game in the direction I want it to go. The game is moving further away from what I enjoy, and that's sad for me.
- crashed 4 times in 5 minutes

- seems to drop LESS loot than pre-patch. i chain farm WHITE T16 to quickly boost my lvl81 dude. and when 3 2+ AN mobs in a row drop NOTHING (literally, NOTHING) then something is seriously wrong. WHITE maps is important here because it is a baseline value i can easily compare. drops are WORSE than yesterday

- other changes are literally no-changes. red beasts are just lol

the AN mob fiasco is just that - fiasco. you want to do something so people shut up but you have no real intention of actually changing things.
So, still no loot?
Game says its 3.19.0b. I guess they cancel 0c after crushes.
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It would be nice to be able to actually play without crashing to see if the loot drops have been improved. Or if anything else has actually changed.
I do not and will not use TFT.
Patch rolled back. Now I might be able to complete the lab without crashing.
I do not and will not use TFT.
Client CTD 5 times in last 10 minutes after patch. No matter if doing map, logbook, idling in hideout or running lake.
It is hard to give you more data to reproduce issue, as it is just crushing without even error pop-up after crash.
ING: Leesaurk
I have 15k+ hours play time

I really don't know if i wanna cry or laugh...

Ty for those 15k wonderful hours Chris , i really dunno what comes next !

Sorry about that, we've now fixed the introduced crashes by rolling back the client changes. Everything in the patch notes is still applied except the crash fix for Map item hovers, which we'll be looking into why there were problems.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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