3.19.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

we need a HOTFOX for the HOTFIX NOW!!!! everyone is crashing since this patch each minute for NOREASON!!!
grafix93 wrote:
we need a HOTFOX for the HOTFIX NOW!!!! everyone is crashing since this patch each minute for NOREASON!!!

Same here, client crashes regulary even while sitting in hideout and browsing stash. So far, exact moments of crashes were (all solo):

- first pack of mobs encountered after starting client and entering first map (classic bottleneck even before this patch, maybe you could alter that design so I won't die and lose exp due to that lag spike?)

- spamming currency on map item while in hideout

- sitting in hideout browsing stash, 0 activity

The last 2 cases never happened before, so pretty sure it isn't my fault.
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So you guys are continue to ignore the fact that nobody had a problem on wider resolutions than 21:9 like 32:9? and you continue to fuck over everybody playing on that resolution and even getting a monitor with that resolution specifically for PoE because it just worked and there was not a single problem?

real asshole move from you guys, especially since you DONT FUCKING COMMENT ON THAT FURTHER.
When devs we all loved became blizzard nr2. Sad Chris just sad. You gotta find better way to fight RMT's without punishing your community - or you will lose it, simple as that.
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The lake is crashing the game with this patch :/
As I stated before... from my experience with GGG, this will be a slight improvement at best. a Smoke screen to appease those that don't know them well enough yet.
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. " ~ Hunter S Thompson ~
Crashing constantly after 3.19c update

Also Red beasts still have insane hp

And 4 mod archnemesis is what needed to have less hp

But thanks for the patch, it shows effort, besides the fact that we can't play currently cause everyone is crashing.

Looking at the positive I was very skeptical about the summoner changes this league, but I had a great time leveling up as I actually found useful items, so at least that is working :D
This must be an out of season April fools joke. Game isn't even remotely fun anymore. Playing something else until you guys figure your "Vision" out. Might never be back.
Chariot213 wrote:
Oh my god, people whine around becouse of loot loss, but they don't even farm the content where loot was nerfed. It was in deli etc, but u guys lvl86 farm your alch red maps, you got your loot buffed even. I hope ggg will keep going, love when people who ruin game economy by droping 100000 unique get rekted and i can breathe now by drop actualy

When you get to maps and can't sustain alch and go, can't get the vaal orbs to get Atlas completion point and can't get crafting materials to craft basic gear upgrades while doing red maps, maybe there's a problem?
Empyreans group are dedicated juicers and as a 6 man party they were making 40-100 chaos for a 9 minute map with 200C investment per map. To single player experience this translates to making 2-3 chaos a map unless you're doing the extremely tedious chaos recipe which may add another 5C per map.
And no, it's not just about delirium farmers, it's Alva encounters, it's Betrayal encounters, it's Beyond, Breach and every other league that spawns monsters on map that drop items. Or used to drop items.
The entitlement in the comments is real. Thanks for your work GGG.

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