3.19.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Adjusted the maximum supported aspect ratio to 12:5 (slightly larger than before, so that players that were very close to 21:9 don't get black bars).

THIS is a fix? what the hell. Still leaves me with 8 inch black bars down either side of my G9 screen. you supported it happily before. Even my £5 city builder game supports it... Why this slap in the face for those moving on with tech.
Poe is an amazing game to play on ultra wide. Please review the change :(
revert the change to ultrawide
Disappointing Fridge Opening Meme
Forgot to plug new MTX and Boxes vid under the post.
Has this actually been pushed live yet, game menu still says 3.19.0, not 3.19.0b - and if so the 12:5 fix doesn't seem to be active, even after system restart?
I am happy with the 12:5 "fix" because I only have 21:9 (3440x1440)

but I am mad as hell that you still double down on not supporting 32:9 anymore.

There was no issue with those wide resolutions, nobody complained about it, not those having it, and neither those not having it about those having it having an advantage or whatever. There was no complaints whatsoever. it's the posterchild of a non-issue.

and yet you decided to make it worse by fixing that non-issue.

you guys are utterly ridiculous. have fun losing everyone who used to play on 32:9 and losing even more from people not buying your MTX anymore.

I personally will continue to play as I luckily have not yet bought a G9 (I considered it, even rather recently), and the game is (still) free to play. but you guys will not receive a single penny from me anymore. This is the final nail on the coffin on that regard. I will only reconsider this if you revert this change and support every resolution again. And I hope for you, that many other people will do so as well, and that it will be enough so you feel it in your bank accounts that something is off.
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Bring back 32:9 ... I don't get why you are trying to annoy your community GGG
if you want to be heard stop paying them, its that simple.

We can cry how much we want to in forums and on reddit, the ONLY way to be heard is by not paying them your hard earned money.

loot is broken, fix it.
21:9 (3440x1440) - my black bars seem even bigger now.

updated, disregard above - its fixed, praise GGG once again!
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