Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

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DÉSPAIR wrote:
Some people wait 9 months and get a kid, we wait 9 months and get...... this.

Can't buff melee because real problem with melee are animations and engine limitations, not the countless of nerfs and reworks, better wait few years for 4.0 =DDD

PROMBLEM: Melee requires animation locking, on an engine not designed for melee animation-locked skills.

SOLUTION: Remove animation locking of melee skills, altogether.
well i liked the harvest change and beyond
the exalted/divine seems a very big change not sure if is good still not worthy slam cause is a 0.00001% of sucess
and i hope ggg buffed divine orb cards cause i drop a lot of exalteds cards and none of divine orbs
the 4 mods rare is a big waste of time in a action rpg
i hope someone make a fun build to play the minions nerf make me want stop play if i cant find a fun build i will have to skip the league
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Sad the underperforming skills section has not improved since the manifesto.
Well... That's boring, most of this are nerfs and uninteresting changes. Will see how the league will play out... Dunno how people are hyped about those notes. Seems like GGG can write a post "we did nothing" and some ppl will write "HYPE" anyway xD
The patch notes are amazing, so excited for the upcoming league after coming from a bit lackluster sentinel league. Slight metashift, new uniques, shitload of new changes, especially the rare mob ones. Can't get any better than this! GJ GGG
The new alberon's looks good. The modified montregul may be good as zombie's are affected heavily by body block although wearing montregul always felt a loss of clear as you're losing half of your zombies who have a slam attack that's already aoe anyway.

It would be nice if they revealed the new ghastly eye jewel, ring, and shield mods for minions so we can better plan our builds. Are their crit chance mods on the ring? Damage over time on the ring/shield?
ngl it looks even worse than manifesto


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