Content Update 3.19.0 -- Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra

People need to stop complaining, most of the changes are good and complaining about everything makes it hard for GGG to understand how to fix what's wrong.

Here's what I would do to fix 3.19: Bring back harvest rerolls and reforge keep, but at 15k+ lifeforce a pop for rerolls and 50k+ lifeforce for reforge keep. Make regular reforges 500-750 lifeforce instead of 50-75 to compensate for the extra harvest power. Also I would make flask enchants cost 8000 lifeforce each, instead of 800.

This will fix harvest and also make it so that we can craft good rares again, and roll them properly without spending a million divines. It was said in the patch notes / manifesto that the exalt to divine change was designed to make good rolled uniques more valuable, and that was perfectly accomplished, but taking away the ways to reroll rares made it so divines are excessively valuable.

Bringing back the ability to craft good rares will fix this problem.

The loot issues will fix themselves, but it would be nice to know which league mechanics were impacted and by how much.
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You killed the game, Bring everything back. I will not buy a support pack in this league, and I will leave the game altogether.
same here.
You bore me, mageling.
Damn... that Trickster update is so damn bland. It's a Trickster! You coulda done so many wacky fun things with him! Boooo!!


25% chance on skill/spell use. Cast an additional random spell of a random level for free.

25% chance of applying an additional random status effect when a status effect is applied to an enemy. Power of new status effect is based on original.

When a status effect/de-buff is applied to you; there is a chance of it being applied to an enemy instead. This bypasses resistances & immunities.
Problem: Flesh and Stone is not powerful enough to warrant 25% mana reservation.
KEKWait did you forget nerf of flash and stone in 3.14? Now it’s reserv 35% of mana, and this buff do nothing
Reservation Efficiency
Problem: The introduction of reservation efficiency has encouraged a much larger range of builds to invest in reservation skills to a small or moderate degree. This is not a problem in itself, but currently the options for doing so are similar for every build, and provide slightly too much generic power relative to the investment required. Reservation mastery options are the biggest outliers in power, as they provide larger amounts of power than entire notable passive skills.
Solution: Remove the mana reservation efficiency mastery and reduce the power of the aura effect and life reservation efficiency masteries.

The Reservation Mastery that granted 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills has been removed from the Passive Skill Tree.

For what?
Undoubtedly the balance team is trying too hard to keep their job relevant eh?
Cant you guys think of any other better solution?
Knowing it will definitely make the community hate you more?

You, GGG. Good luck.

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