Armour Stacking Smite Ascendant [3.19] - All Content Viable

is this build still functioning in 3.20?
Last edited by Morpheend on Dec 24, 2022, 3:35:41 AM
Is this build viable without Mageblood? That belt is around 170 Divines in Sanctum, which is never going to happen for me. haha Looks really fun though and I would love to give it a shot if that's not a required item.
What MTX is that in the main post? :O
Is the berserker ascendancy the only we should aim to buy on forbidden flame/flesh? Wondering if I can buy necromancer/champion instead since they're so much cheaper in league
The PoB says you have 120 dex and your grace requires 159 dex. Is there some dexterity source PoB is not showing?
Hey,is there an updated version by any chance.? Was using it till 2 leagues ago and loving it. If yes then would love the link to it. Thanks 🙂

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