Armour Stacking Smite Ascendant [3.19] - All Content Viable

I can confirm that this build is now playable for me after i removed doryani's prototype and capped out lightning resist at 90. No more random dying.
Do you know what exactly you died to? The only problem I had with Doryani's is Mana Siphoner Rares which can kill you basically instantly. But I don't recall ever having to deal with one-shots from another source.
Hey, grat guide! I just have one stupid question, apologies if you already explained it and I overlooked it, but how do you get the 90 max fire res? That is the only thing that is got me puzzled...
flask maybe ?
You can find flasks under the gearing section or in the PoB. But I can link them for you here, as well:

have you figured out about the tree for 3.19 yet ?
Do you have any Pob for League start or a Cheaper pob ?
I've seen a mana reserv problem while converting to 3.19 any tips ?

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I am working on your build, its amazing thank you for it.
And really thank you for the effort and heart you put into the build description and POB.

Hey, is this build being updated for 3.19?

With the removal of the 15% Mana reservation mastery, how do we get around this?

I looked at the pob and converted to 3.19 and don't know what to drop to keep the build working. (over reserved on mana)

Any help appreciated.
I'm playing this build as a second character in 3.19. It's very strong. You can play the dmg version or the defensive version. I'm attaching the pob and video for the dmg version. For the defensive version, just take a shield instead of one sword and make a small adjustment in the skill tree and you can easily delirium wave 30.

I currently have 108M dps w/ Ancestral Call.

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