[3.21] CwC Arc Manabond Build | Hierophant | Crucible | Path of Exile 3.21

Anyone cleared Uber bosses with this build? Im trying to do Uber maven but struggling to stay alive.
Anyone have any idea how the 3.21 arcane surge changes will affect this build?
is 3.21 relevant ?
i saw on the notable leaks :
"Arc and Crackling Lance gains Added Cold Damage equal to {0}% of Mana Cost, if Mana Cost is not higher than the maximum you could spend"

It that a direct buff to this build ? :D
am i missing anything? my hp is only 1795, shield only 593, mana is 3394.

the whole build is so squishy that i cant even go pass act 9 blood aquaduct.
Let me save you all who is trying to level this from scratch. Watch this

You only transition to this build, when you at least have very good jewels, mjolner and shapers touch.

I would even recommend to not transition until u have Prism Guardian + Indigon and the chest piece. This is a lvl 90 build.

CoC Energy blade Inquisitor or CwC mjolner Hierophant? +/-?
This took about ~4 Div (including my 100 regrets of respec) to get this running on my lvl 89 Inquisitor.

Still need to get some more ES, redo rings, get more jewels, finish my last lab.

Awesome build, its super fun.

How much value does accuracy bring over another support gem? (maybe if someone could provide combos for 4,5,6 link chest?) I'm currently only running a 4 link chest.
I tried to level with this build, it was OK, until act two...full twink level 30 dps sat at 1k, I struggled to do level 33 labs at 30, had to actually do mechanics and was inches away from death many times and each phase to at least a minute or three that with a +1 tab

I might be too used to necromancer leveling but this was God awful. Even videos on the build will say kitava is a struggle...

I dropped the weapons and my gloves, through on a one with nothing gem and my dps jumped to 20k...
Which guide is better for a first time Mjolner enjoyer...This one or the OneManaLeft guide on youtube? Thanks a lot in advance...
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