[3.21] CwC Arc Manabond Build | Hierophant | Crucible | Path of Exile 3.21


this pob is ok so we dont have to take those 3 jewels with mana reserve?

my build so far 3.20 12M DPS 10K ES.

but I have found a hick up in the build, its impossible to get a Healthy Mind with 2% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills implicit on.

manage to fit a Unnatural Instinct into the build aswell. running sanctum its pretty profitable, if i use arcane cloak with full mana 2 shot almost everything guardian
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Nitano wrote:

its kinda fucked on auto becuase it will cost too much mana and you will be stuck with none up on next arcane cloak rotation. i just have a curse linked to frostblink and it seems to work well. though you have to sometimes stop attacking to regen mana before the next cloak. it's kinda annoying sometimes and idk how to to fix it. i've tried the OG version of this which uses mana leech in links but it doesn't seem to help much

this version uses grace over determination and stacks more int. gives you accuracy so you don't need the gem and also int stacks up your evasion. i have like 35k with flask which feels nice. determination version doesn't stack with anything so i only had around 10k. you also end up with way more mana and ES. i currently have 12k mana and 12.4k ES. still a lot of things need tweaking though
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Hi, nice build so far. Currently lvl 79 and haven't respec'd to "end game" tree.

How do you handle reflect elemental or physical damage maps with this build?
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Why are u using the divirgent arcane cloak? is it so you remove the standard gem buff duration so we can cast it more often?
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Has anyone calculated the profit of aw.constrolled destruction over overcharge in arc setup?
the build is kind of squishy but you should easily have over 10k ES. i had almost 15k ES before i stopped playing. you should also use the life regen arcane cloak enchant. your dmg is already fine when you're properly setup and that enchant will get you anywhere from 2-3.5k ES regen per second depending on your maximum mana. also going for grace over determination is way more effective as you are scaling evasion via shapers touch and int. i had about 1.2k int which is a ton of evasion

overall i had fun playing this build and would recommend it for someone with a moderate budget who wants to invest as well. switching to a squire can take you to over 100m dps and it shreds everything in the game
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Does it perform well in 100% delirious maps ? In terms of damage at least.

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