3.18.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Praise GGG buff is awesome! HH feels like HH again thanks alot! People in the thread don't even have HH or even test it lol it's awesome.
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HH is still bad, inspired learning still 20sec duration.
momonami5 wrote:
Praise GGG buff is awesome! HH feels like HH again thanks alot! People in the thread don't even have HH or even test it lol it's awesome.

Echoist LUL
Ice Prison LUL
Inspired Learning LUL

Are you serious GGG? 3 weeks and no play tests AGAIN?
Are you serious? This is where the development time is going?
How about you just go back to the old rares and kill two birds with one stone? Seriously what a joke of a league this has been. I can't believe that "complex" change took 3 weeks.

Did they also just admit that Archnemesis is causing actual memory problems as well? What is the point of having this garbage still if it is doing nothing but causing problems for the game? Literally nothing but negative.
Hey there,
I have deleted your post in this thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3285083/page/2#p24656635 as it was considered needlessly negative.
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Blighted map mods still a joke
I start asking myself.. how stupid do you think we are? The belt is dead. You start killing it long time ago by killing every single build around it. You do remember self curse? Hell yea.
If the team wanted to nerf headhunter against chris' wishes, just own up to it. We get it, people zooming around at 1100% movement speed the size of the screen one-shotting everything made the game look dumb on streams.

There is no way it wasn't intentional on some level. It's like the mods were designed to make it unusable half the time. Buff stacking/duration was only half of the issue.

The Archnemesis mod pool is just awful, no disrespect to those who designed it. it worked great for Archenemesis league, fail to plan your monster right and you'll have a bad time.

But as a game-wide system it sucks. League balance wasn't taken into consideration at all, and things had to be nerfed so much from launch values that it completely devalued making the change in the first place. It just added to the problem of messy unreadable combat and random one-shots.

Honestly I found Bloodlines/Nemesis and even Bestiary or Delirium mods more interesting. Replacing every monster with rogue metamorphs or exiles would have been less annoying. The majority of the new mods are just boring piles of flat stat increases that punish different builds. Maybe it would feel better in PoE 2 where we could use multiple main skills, but that isn't the game we have right now.

Also the altar mods feel awful, we could have done with the downside pass, or the reward rework. But both at the same time makes it feel more punitive than rewarding. You basically have to give up every other form of juicing to use them effectively. And even then, you'll find a lot of dead mods you just should never run.
Looks like its time for another game GGG starting have same issue like Blizzard too big zero right to decide anything becouse of shareholders:

Owner Tencent (86.67%)
Chris Wilson (8.78%)
Jonathan Rogers (2.28%)
Erik Olofsson (2.2%)

Like the other Chinese they are now dictating what will happen not GGG team.
Patch notes been out for 5 seconds and people judging the changes already. Classic. Hoping that the changes revive HH to its previous status - would be a shame for the most iconic item to be dead forever.
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