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hey there, whats the move when u dont have currency for clusters?
ive been finding it very difficult to survive without focusing hard on spell supress passives to push up my spell dodge, any advice?

otherwise ive had a lot of fun, just starting to feel a lot slower as i get to red maps
ZecaST wrote:
hey there, whats the move when u dont have currency for clusters?

Save money for those clusters. Or try crafting them yourself.
Whats the budget of the build in the guide?
Just finished this build in 3.20.

Leveling was smooth and the trapping playstyle is def very pleasing to progress.

I do see that the build right now is a bit outdated, so I was wondering if there was a way to improve some parts of it.

How would I go about capping my spell suppression? I'm at 61% at the moment at level 72, and I don't think I can roll it on any rare gear except for the boots (the 61% chance includes the "+12% chance to Suppress if Helm, Gloves and Boots have Evasion" mastery).

Prior to Cold Iron Points, I assume we would be looking for +1/+1, Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Crit Chance for Spells mods on Wands?

How does Physical scaling work? Do our traps use our stats since this is a trap support build and not a traditional trapper?

Any unique jewels I should look out for with the introduction of 3.20?

Adding some other questions I thought about after I posted.

Would I not consider using a large cluster jewel, or are we too short on skill points?

Does Vulnerability work if it 's "On Hit", even if we are not directly hitting? In that case- as a budget option could I look for curse on hit rings?

Is dropping Pride for Grace recommended? or should I wait until I get an Alpha's Howl to be able to fit Summoner Skitter + Pride + Grace? Currently, I am on Summon Skitter + Pride + Herald of Purity but I feel like I have enough damage for most early content.

I also found out that from another video (Cold Reap Mines), you can gain Blood Charges for Reap through using this skill outside of mines, primarily through an Arcanist Brand + Reap setup. This allows you to passively generate charges in fights, and I thought about attaching this with Bear Traps + Vulnerability for now as a 4L setup. Can I get someone to test this to double check?

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