3.18.0c Patch Notes

Hello GGG do whatever you feel is best for the game
Hello remove immunity GGG
Remove Assassin and Juggernaut in Blight encounters pls :)
(And maybe buff turrets to compensate for increased rare monster life)
Please remove Juggernaut from Blight. That mod is turning Ravaged maps into an unfair, gotchya! mess. Please. PLEASE! take juggernaut out of Blight.
hello remove immunity ggg
hello remove immunity ggg, there is no reason to waste dev time on continually changing this, it doesn't help the game and adds nothing to the player experience
hello please remove immunity.

and fix storm striders there's no out playing them you just waste 20 seconds after the pack is dead kiting them till they time out.
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
pls nerf vines on magic monsters
hello plz remoob immunity. kthxbye
fix storm strider spawn rate pls.

or better yet, remove them from existence.

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