3.18.0c Patch Notes

Hello, remove immunity, remove sentinel.
hello remove immunity ggg
remove immunity please
Hello GGG, how about total immunity removal?

And yes, old mods were better. Clear description, well balanced, more creative (not just stats bump). If anything I would just leave Kitava-touched and similar effects and dumped others.
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hello remove immunity ggg

Seriously, how can anyone think that the majority of their player base enjoys spending 10 minutes kiting a magic mob? There will always be outliers that enjoy bashing their heads against the wall, but don’t tune the whole game around the .05% of your player base.
Prov1eh wrote:
Also please nerf Juggernaunt and Vamperic and never let them ever be together. In story got Einhart and a double red spawned this. Was such a nightmare. Also reduce the bullet sponges pls.

if they have hasted as well good luck you need to reset the area during leveling...

hello remove immunity ggg

We were just glad not to have gotten invulnerability when this happened also.
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hello remove immunity ggg
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To be honest, it was a STUPID idea to pump the Archnemesis modifier-System on rares into the core as a "global change".

Remove this crap, the majority hates it !

As a part of it, lets follow the crowd:

Remove immunity !!!
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This patch answers none of the players' concerns.

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